(I. e., artwork, crafts, cards, books and other publications, recordings)

DRAFT (June 2012) *

To be finalized by the Congregational Coordinator (staff) and designated volunteer Book cart Coordinator


1. CVUUS Fundraisers are intended to support the operating budget of CVUUS

2. Members who donate their creative works to CVUUS for sale during fundraising events agree to the following:

  • a. Members will deliver work to CVUUS in advance of the fundraiser
  • b. 100% of the proceeds go to CVUUS
  • c. Unsold work will be removed by the member within one week after the fundraiser

3. CVUUS will not maintain an inventory of, or undertake the sale of, members’ creative work except during fundraising events, and as specified in Paragraph 4.

4. Ongoing sales at CVUUS are limited to the following:

  • a. Sales of print materials and recordings of general interest to members and friends of CVUUS through the bookcart
    • i. Members’ publications and/or recordings may be offered for sale on the bookcart on a consignment basis.
    • ii. CVUUS will retain 2/3 of the retail cost and the member will receive 1/3.

(Please note: Sales of products produced by CVUUS with the intention of building community, increasing our visibility, or fundraising are not covered under this policy. Sale of UUSC and Church of the Larger Fellowship products are also not covered under this policy.)

Procedure for Book Cart Sales of Publications and Recordings by Members

1. Members and friends who believe their publications and/or recordings may be of general interest, who would like to have them offered for sale on the book cart should

  • a. Provide no more than three copies of your publication to the designated book cart coordinator, along with retail price, for a trial period of 6 months.
  • b. If no copies have sold within 6 months, the book cart coordinator may, at her/his sole discretion, ask the member to remove them.

Procedure for Consignment Payments

The designated book cart coordinator will report consignment sales to the administrator on a monthly basis, and the administrator will issue checks for the member’s or friend’s portion of the sale.