What ​was it? A party for all ages ​that began ​after worship. We gave away, through a massive raffle, more than 80 experiences and services to be shared and enjoyed by a majority of the congregation over the year. The party is going to continue through the fellowship we share. And it’s going to grow as we attempt to bring congregants who didn’t participate into the fun! Watch our weekly announcements for invitations to take advantage of some opportunities that weren’t fully subscribed and for new offerings from congregants inspired by their experiences in past Rad Love Giveaways.

What wasn’t it? An auction. Everything was given away. There was no   bidding and no charge for admission.

​Who should we thank? The lay leaders who stepped forward to make Rev. Barnaby’s crazy idea a reality have been led by Piper Harrell, Donna LaRose and Mary Hadley.

Have more questions? — Look in the Sanctuary lobby or contact the office for paper lists of “who got my stuff”, and “what I won.” These lists have the contact information for the people as well as the title/description of the items. If you want to see the full list to try to arrange swaps, that is available as a pdf file that we can email you.

Catalog Radical Love 2019

Radical Love Items Won

From the entire Radical Love Planning Team: We thank all of our donors for their extremely creative and generous offerings. Your feedback is welcome, especially in email form for easy sharing. And let us know if you want to join the team….Contact Rev. Barnaby, Donna, or Mary Hadley.​

Has the time come for CVUUS to start up an Ongoing Virtual Auction?

This could raise money for tables and chairs for downstairs, the sound     system, and other unfunded pieces of the capital campaign. Or help close the holes in our proposed operating budget for the coming yea.

Here’s the general idea: 1) members and friends who have furniture,   marketable artwork, vacation home weekends or other attractive goods and services they are willing to donate for auction would notify our “Auctioneer” 2) Our “Auctioneer” would post information on Vermont Craigslist, the   Addison County Facebook market page, or Front Page Forum (or perhaps all three for some items) – the postings would describe the item, the price,   availability for inspection, available dates if relevant; pickup or delivery conditions, etc  3) Our “Auctioneer” would make the sale or, after an       appropriate time, tell the donor the offering hasn’t been sold and therefore is theirs to dispose of in other ways; 4) Our “Auctioneer”, if that is desired by the      donor, will attempt to arrange for pick-up of the item on a Sunday at CVUUS, or some other time when we have coverage; 5) Our “Auctioneer” will, after a sale, give the donor a record of what the donation sold for that can be used for tax records.

Because the “Auctioneer” job requires a variety of skills and an         unknown amount of time, CVUUS would pay an agreed upon percentage of the sales to that person. Thus, in addition to supporting CVUUS, this could be an added source of income for a congregant.

Please send your thoughts, questions, and/or indication of willingness to be a part of something like this to Rev. Barnaby (revbarnaby@cvuus.org) and Mary Hadley, treasurer and chair of the Finance Ministry Team (hadleyme@juno.com)