What ​was it? A party for all ages ​that began ​after worship on Nov 19. We gave away, through a massive raffle, more than 80 experiences and services to be shared and enjoyed by a majority of the congregation over the next year. The party is going to continue through the fellowship we share. And it’s going to grow as we attempt to bring congregants who didn’t participate into the fun! Watch our weekly announcements for invitations to take advantage of some opportunities that weren’t fully subscribed on the 19th and for new    offerings from congregants inspired by their experience on the 19th.

What wasn’t it? An auction. Everything was given away. There was no   bidding and no charge for     admission. However, we are delighted to report that through voluntary contributions in the weeks before the 19th, CVUUS received more than $10,000 — as much as we typically received from past auctions!​

​Who should we thank? The lay leaders who stepped forward to make Rev. Barnaby’s crazy idea a     reality were led by Donna LaRose and Mary Hadley. They got significant help from Marjorie Carsen, Elizabeth Golden-Pidgeon, Sylviane Acker, Karl Lindholm, and David Durgin.  Julie Chippendale and Silas Conlon had major roles in reading and recording the winners with lots of our youth participating. Laura Asermily and Heather Seeley put in many extra hours in the office, and Heather took some wonderful pictures as well. Truthfully, though, there are many other names that belong on this list, or will belong here as the event continues to unfold!

Have more questions? — Look in the Sanctuary lobby or contact the office for    paper lists of “who got my stuff”, and “what I won.” These lists have the contact information for the people as well as the title/description of the items. If you want to see the full list to try to arrange swaps, that is available as a pdf file that we can email you.

From the entire Radical Love Planning Team: We thank all of our donors for their extremely creative and generous offerings. You can claim your containers this Sunday if you were      unable to do so last Sunday.​ Your feedback is welcome, especially in email form for easy sharing. And let us know if you want to join the team….Contact Rev. Barnaby, Donna, or Mary Hadley.​