We kicked off this year’s canvass to receive pledges for the CVUUS 2018-2019 operating budget. Raising money for CVUUS enables us to provide inspiring worship, create an excellent Religious Exploration program for our children and youth, build the CVUUS community, and support social and environmental justice programs.

Our campaign theme was “Radical Love in Action”. We celebrated the start of the campaign with a fun, family friendly, pot luck dinner party on Saturday, March 10 at CVUUS from 5pm to 7pm. We shared food, music, skits, and hear from our friends what CVUUS means to them. Mary Hadley coordinated the pot luck dinner. Connie Leach and Chris Prickitt organized the music and a children Fun Fest, and Ted Scheu added his special touch to the evening. Click here for the rest of the letter to the congregation…

Click here to see our beautiful campaign brochure! 

See this gift table for suggested ranges for generous giving.