The choir is growing in numbers and skills, and wants YOU to join if you can come to Wednesday night rehearsals from 5:45 to 7:00. We also meet at 9 am on Sunday mornings to put final touches on that day’s anthem, and continue to look ahead to upcoming Sundays.

Consider making this your year to join the CVUUS choir. It’s a wonderful and supportive group of folks. All are welcome!

Lucy Tenenbaum, CVUUS Choir DirectorChoir on the West Side

P.S.–The Choir season runs from Sept through June. We take the summer off.  We open the new choir season each early September with a Pot Luck starting at 5:45 and a run-through of the fall’s upcoming music.  New members are welcome! Please contact Lucy at to let me know if you’re coming (for non-current choir members) so I can have a folder ready for you.

P.S.S.–Remember, everything can be said with a song!!

Choir Notes

Fall is in full swing, although September’s mild temperatures belie the season. Soon enough it will be cool enough for everyone!! I can’t wait!! The choir had our fall pot luck last night, and we looked around and said, let’s recruit some more singers!!

Please come sing with the choir if you are so inclined. We are always accepting new members. You will make friends—close friends, learn to sing better, and learn some interesting (well, I think so) music. October is the month of discovering ourselves, thinking of ourselves, as people of Transformation. The seasons are not the only changes occurring. Let us ponder, what can we do to transform? Change our selves? Change our habitat? Change the way we interact with others, including our planet? Well, all those are possibilities.

On Oct 7 the choir is seeking to transform the atmosphere from caustic to blessed, transform the powers of hell through love. Jim Scott’s arrangement of Bob Franke’s song, “The Great Storm is Over” says it in a transformative (if clearly Christian traditions) way. We may not believe all the words, but I think the sentiment is universal.

Oct. 14 we are thinking of a “Creative Spirit,” thinking of how life and death can be transformative for all of us. We haven’t yet experienced our own demise, but we all will, and we are preparing. We are all experiencing losses of loved ones and our elders. With this piece we are particularly thinking of our dear Patty Sgrecci whose Celebration of Life is after Sunday service that day.

Oct. 21 the choir will channel our own Francois Clemmons, with his arrangement of “Ah Got a Robe.” The choir is eager to swing into Francois’ brilliant setting of this traditional African American piece. The text of this song, and the style, is firmly in the Christian tradition. We UUs can find our own interpretation of the immortal words, “When I get to Heaven, gonna put on my robe, gonna shout all over God’s heaven.”

A-MEN and Blessed Be. Lucy


Music Ministry Team

Lucy Tenenbaum
Kate Gridley
Poppy Rees
Chuck Miller
Shannon LaRose
Carol Harding