Our music ministry team explores the many ways to bring music into our lives. Last year we added drums to our ensemble and are exploring ways to incorporate percussion into our worship services and events, in addition to our prized grand piano and other instruments and choral options. The team meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:45 pm in Fenn Chapel. Contact Carol Harden at charden@utk.edu if you have ideas or want to join the team.

Music Ministry Team: Carol Harden (leader), Lucy Tenenbaum, Kate Gridley, Poppy Rees, Shannon LaRose, Richard Hopkins, Liam Greenwood, Chris Murphy, YOU?!


Another CVUUS Contra Dance for ALL ages!

Friday, Feb. 7, 7– 9 pm, Sanctuary

Come join the fun, with music by our own Fenn House RUUg-cUUtters and calling by our own Richard Hopkins and Ollie Cultrara.  No worries – callers will teach the dances (no prior contra-dancing experience needed) and use gender-neutral calling language.  Child care will be provided in the nursery for those who don’t yet dance.  And, yes, friends are welcome, too. Snow date Feb 14.

Community Dance Party with Avant Garde Dogs

Saturday Feb. 1, 7-10 PM, Fellowship Hall. Watch Weekly Blast for details.

Another CVUUS Coffee House!

Saturday, March 28, 7-9 pm

Come for fellowship, refreshments and memorable performances by CVUUSers of all ages. The youngest performers will be in the first set. Childcare will be provided.

Choir Notes

Choir director Lucy Tenenbaum
Choir director Lucy Tenenbaum

Why not let 2020 be the year you make the commitment to be a singer in the CVUUS choir?! It is a meaningful and rewarding mission at CVUUS, offering opportunities to learn to sing better, to learn music to enhance the worship services, to make new friends and get to know old friends better.

It is believed that singing in harmony with others increases joy. We meet on Wednesdays at 5:45-7:15, and at 9 am on the 3 Sundays a month we offer an Anthem to the worship service. We also go to sing at East View a few times a year. AND we have great pot-luck parties several times a year for community building.

In January our worship is centered around the 4th Principle: Search freely and responsibly for truth and meaning. We gather on Jan 8 to prepare for our first  anthem. Jan 12 is the first Sunday in 2020 when the Choir will sing. We will sing the lovely The Lone Wild Bird in an arrangement given to the choir by D. Rowe. The tune is a familiar Southern Harmony tune, Prospect and text, by Henry McFayden is:

  1. The lone, wild bird in lofty flight,
    Is still with Thee, nor leaves Thy sight.
    And I am Thine! I rest in Thee.
    Great Spirit, come, and rest in me.
  2. The ends of earth are in Thy hand,
    The sea’s dark deep and no man’s land.
    And I am Thine! I rest in Thee.
    Great Spirit, come, and rest in me.

Jan 19 is the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Not only will the newly formed Men’s Quartet, with Dr. Francois S. Clemmons singing lead, sing twice during the service, the full choir will also sing an anthem by Rollo Dillworth, Hand in Hand. It is chosen especially to celebrate the love between our newlyweds, Liam and Mike Greenwood. The text of the song, “ walk with me, my brother…sing with me, my sister…labor with me as we strive for unity…” is a powerful message for no only for personal love but especially for the kind of love MLK was sure would save the world. “This gospel-style original is a wonderful way to encourage understanding and unity. With steady, rhythmic energy that builds and builds, it sends a powerful, uplifting message to people of all ages!” says the Editor’s Choice promo paragraph at JW Pepper music.

Jan 26 the choir will sing Open Our Hearts by Rev. Michael Leuchtenberger of Concord NH. Kate says she has sung with the composer at Star Island and loves his music and energy. The song itself is “meant to be sung in the style of Taize with multiple repetitions in a meditative mode.” The Lyrics are: Open our hearts, open them wide, Love and compassion be our guide.

Choir on the West Side

Lucy Allen Tenenbaum, CVUUS choir director since November 2014, graduated with a BA in Music from Skidmore College in 1999, and from the University of Kansas with a Master of Music Education in Choral Pedagogy in 2014. She studied voice at Boston University in 1972-73, in Freiburgh Germany at the Freiburg Musicalishes Hochschule in 1974-75, and from various private teachers over the years. She teaches voice at Castleton University, at her home studio in Rutland, and at CVUUS before choir on Wednesdays. Since 1999, she has been the Artistic Director and Conductor of Ladies’ Night Women’s Chorus, a Rutland County community chorus. She has made a living as a piano tuner-technician since graduating from a 10 month course at North Bennet St. Industrial School Department of Stringed Keyboard Instrument Technology in 1973. She lives with her husband Phil in Rutland. They enjoy having a local daughter and granddaughter, and other family and grandchildren in Laurel Maryland.When she’s not making music, she enjoys gardening, bird watching, mushroom and other wild edible foraging, reading and travel. You may contact her at; lucytunes@me.com 802-342-8348.