Our music ministry team explores the many ways to bring music into our lives. Last year we added drums to our ensemble and are exploring ways to incorporate percussion into our worship services and events, in addition to our prized grand piano and other instruments and choral options. The team meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 3:45 pm in Fenn Chapel. Contact Carol Harden at charden@utk.edu if you have ideas or want to join the team.

Music Ministry Team: Carol Harden (leader), Lucy Tenenbaum, Kate Gridley, Poppy Rees, Shannon LaRose, Richard Hopkins, Liam Greenwood, Chris Murphy, YOU?!


Another CVUUS Contra Dance for ALL ages!

Friday, Feb. 14, 7– 9 pm, Sanctuary

Come join the fun, with music by our own Fenn House RUUg-cUUtters and calling by our own Richard Hopkins and Ollie Cultrara.  No worries – callers will teach the dances (no prior contra-dancing experience needed) and use gender-neutral calling language.  Child care will be provided in the nursery for those who don’t yet dance.  And, yes, friends are welcome, too.

Another CVUUS Coffee House!

Saturday, March 28, 7-9 pm, Fellowship Hall

Come for fellowship, refreshments and memorable performances by CVUUSers of all ages. The youngest performers will be in the first set. Childcare will be provided.

Singing Workshop & Concert with Moira Smiley

Sunday, May 17, Sanctuary

Workshop at 1 pm and concert at 4 pm

Choir Notes

Choir director Lucy Tenenbaum
Choir director Lucy Tenenbaum

First, I would like to thank the leaders who stepped up to help with the choir during my convalescence after foot surgery in early January. Kate Gridley picked up the baton and helped the choir rise to new heights with her musical skills in full view. (they are frequently in use, but more often from behind the curtain…). Neil Chippendale, along with Kate, has been tending to the choir closet/library, which was, like the task of Sisyphus, neither easy nor with an evident end in sight. Great strides have been made! Members of the choir have stepped up to be prepared for both my and Kate’s absences, were that to occur, and keep the choir anthem going as an essential element of the service. I am confident that my job of Choir Director is secure, but boy is it heartwarming to know how well the choir members can care for themselves. Blessed be and AMEN!

After taking Feb 2 off, the Choir returns on Feb 9, with our minds on the 5th UU Principle, with the Wailin’ Jenny’s favorite, One Voice. “This is the sound of one voice,”… come listen as the choir adds two and three voices to the mix.

On Feb. 16, we will share Rev. Jason Shelton’s Come Let Us Worship, the title piece from his 2019 Volume 2 Cycle of Song for SAB Choir. This Cycle includes 8 pieces designed to pair with a call to worship by the Rev. Gretchen Haley, senior minister of Foothills Unitarian in Ft. Collins, CO. Only this first piece is a direct setting of her text. As in all of Rev. Shelton’s music, the choir works very hard to make it sound easy!

Feb. 23 I found a wonderful setting of the well-known Sibelius tune Finlandia by Clif Hardin. With text by Michael Hennon, Jan Chamberlin, and Clif Hardin, the Anthem perfectly states what we know we need to do. “For Justice Now, we march and come together. As we have stood and marched as one before. Together now, we gather, bearing witness; in faith and hope, for now and evermore. We seek one world, with truth and understanding, there we will know a new reality.”

February is a short month. The first week of March is also a choir anthem Sunday. I hope you’ll plan on coming to hear the choir every week that we sing. It would be wonderful and amazing to have some new congregants join the choir, raising your voices with us in the New Year. Our rehearsals are every Wednesday from 5:45-7:15, and at 9am before services on the Sundays we sing, 3 times a month. Our season is September though June, so we have a lot of Choir Anthems left this spring. We’d love to have you join. There will be a pot luck soon to celebrate our ministry of music and the bond we share at CVUUS.  See you on Sundays! Lucy

Choir on the West Side

Lucy Allen Tenenbaum, CVUUS choir director since November 2014, graduated with a BA in Music from Skidmore College in 1999, and from the University of Kansas with a Master of Music Education in Choral Pedagogy in 2014. She studied voice at Boston University in 1972-73, in Freiburgh Germany at the Freiburg Musicalishes Hochschule in 1974-75, and from various private teachers over the years. She teaches voice at Castleton University, at her home studio in Rutland, and at CVUUS before choir on Wednesdays. Since 1999, she has been the Artistic Director and Conductor of Ladies’ Night Women’s Chorus, a Rutland County community chorus. She has made a living as a piano tuner-technician since graduating from a 10 month course at North Bennet St. Industrial School Department of Stringed Keyboard Instrument Technology in 1973. She lives with her husband Phil in Rutland. They enjoy having a local daughter and granddaughter, and other family and grandchildren in Laurel Maryland.When she’s not making music, she enjoys gardening, bird watching, mushroom and other wild edible foraging, reading and travel. You may contact her at; lucytunes@me.com 802-342-8348.