Our music ministry team explores the many ways to bring music into our lives using our prized grand piano, drum set, other instruments and choral options. They’ve hosted contra dances, coffee houses and concerts in addition to enriching worship services. Contact Carol Harden at charden@utk.edu if you have ideas or want to join the team. Right now we’re paying close attention to latest guidance on singing and playing instruments at CVUUS. Follow CVUUS policy until the Music Ministry’s proposal is approved. Meanwhile…

SAVE THE DATE!  CVUUS Zoom Coffee House (Fri. Oct. 9,  7 PM)  Calling musicians of all ages and stripes:  Sign up NOW to sing or play your music during our live coffeehouse, via zoom, at 7:00 pm on Friday October 9, 2020.

For performers: Contact Shannon LaRose (newfivecents@gmail.com) to let him know you are interested. Tell him who you are, what you plan to perform, and how long it takes.  You may present a song or two that take a total of 7-10 minutes or less.  The Music Ministry Team will let you know what time your performance will be and will do a sound check with you prior to the event.  If you don’t sign up in advance but become inspired to join the open-mic session at the end of the coffeehouse, you will be able to indicate your interest in the Chat and, if time permits, also be a performer.  But we encourage you to sign up before Oct. 6.  Any questions or concerns? — ask Shannon.

We hope to include some multi-person ensembles (same household/pod) as well as individual performances.  If you are interested in contributing a poem or short story, let Shannon know and we’ll see if we can work you in, too.

Check that there is enough light in the place where you will perform and that your camera/phone/mic are positioned for a good view of you.  Costumes are permitted.

For everyone:   Please be part of our ZUUM audience!  The fabulous Poppy Rees, emcee, will unmute the audience at key moments so that performers can hear your enthusiastic applause.

Music Ministry Team: Carol Harden (leader), Lucy Tenenbaum (choir director), Kate Gridley, Poppy Rees, Shannon LaRose, Richard Hopkins,  Chris Murphy, YOU?!

Here are a few music links to lift you during these uncertain times.

Hope Lingers On

Look at what some CVUUS congregants have created with other Middlebury Community Chorus members https://youtu.be/cagvRHdMNXg

We Are

Look at what the UUA General Assembly created for online worship. Listen to We Are performed by Dr. Ysaÿe Barnwell and the UUA General Assembly 2020 virtual choir and Tomorrow. Expand it to full screen for full effect!

Wake Now My Senses

An old Irish melody with lyrics by Rev. Thomas Mikelson, a UU minister who died earlier this year. It’s often sung at the installation of ministers at a congregation or at ordinations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojptYH9yqFs

Just As Long As I Have Breath

A 17th century tune with words by Alicia Carpenter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFGQA1Iw4HQ

Blessed Spirit of My Life

Starts out the same way and then turns another direction — a hymn looking back at what is a well-lived life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOKyNZyC0Ss

A Fierce Unrest

The least sung hymn in this list. Another old tune (1815) but with atheist lyrics by the 20th century writer Don Maquis.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wepC6-JGlgU

Let It Be a Dance

Troubadour UU minister Ric Masten’s one famous song regularly makes the favorite and most hated lists among UU’s (the latter, usually, in congregations where it has been sung to death): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zv6dxVOn1A

We Laugh, We Cry

Just the first verse here of the four …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQMgNJBZVFk.

We Would Be One

One of several hymns written to the Finnish composer Sibelius’s tune “Finlandia”.

Though I May Speak With Bravest Fire

Modern lyrics based on Biblical text to an old English tune called “Gift of Love” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXSI8krPwx0

Spirit of Life

At All Souls in Washington DC, they sing it in Spanish first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LikvoIiN_bU

Choir Small Group Ministry Online, Wed nights 5:30 pm

Lucy holds virtual Choir gatherings on Wednesdays, except for July.  Both Music and Zoom details are below.  The more the merrier, so invite other congregants by contacting Lucy or office@cvuus.org to add their name to our list!

5:30- 5:45: to get yourself signed in and visit.

5:45- 6:30: Less formal rehearsal with Lucy leading.  (It’s all an “experiment”)

Details of how to join:

One can Zoom on a Smartphone, iPad, Kindle, or Computer.

To join the Zoom session, open the link https://zoom.us/j/96889818147 (Alternately, if you get the free Zoom App from the app store, Open the app, click JOIN, and enter the Meeting ID: 96889818147).

To add the sound, you will get the prompt to click: “Computer Audio”. IF you’re on a smart phone, after entering the meeting ID you may need to keep tapping # til you get in.

Please announce yourself when you’re in.  You may prefer the ‘Gallery View’, (at the top corner on my computer).

Visit the Choir’s online playlist


And our working dropbox 


Choir Notes

Welcome to fall and in gathering. In time of COVID we’re doing this all virtually.  The choir practices on ZOOM Wednesday’s 5:30-6:30 PM. We’re  preparing Mni Wiconi, Water is Life from the Sioux Nation Water protests for the Sept 6 service. It’s a lot of work for the choir, each person recording themselves. Eric Maier will be compiling them into audio for us. It will be exciting to see what we get. Chuck has been helping with audio assistance for choir rehearsals. Sept 20 is the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh     Hashonna. Rev. Barnaby asked the choir to prepare #1037, We Begin Again.

We hope to have at least one choir anthem per month through the fall. We welcome all singers and want-to-be singers to our rehearsals. No one hears you unless you want to record yourself. You need a computer, and headphones are nice to hear the backup music while you sing. With your mute button on. Not ideal, but we are continuing our Choir Small Group Ministry with hope and perseverance. With a whole lotta love, Lucy Tenenbaum

Listen to the choir favorites worship service:

Watch Community Is the Heart of Choir Worship Service here a special choir service of wonderful new recordings of favorite songs and shared past recordings.

Join a large congregation in Colorado of a music-centered Vesper service offered every Wednesday evening at 9 pm EST at Evensong Service Online.

When Will It Be Safe to Sing Together Again?

Our Choir Director

Lucy Allen Tenenbaum, 

CVUUS choir director since November 2014, graduated with a BA in Music from Skidmore College in 1999, and from the University of Kansas with a Master of Music Education in Choral Pedagogy in 2014. She studied voice at Boston University in 1972-73, in Freiburgh Germany at the Freiburg Musicalishes Hochschule in 1974-75, and from various private teachers over the years. She teaches voice at Castleton University, at her home studio in Rutland, and at CVUUS before choir on Wednesdays. Since 1999, she has been the Artistic Director and Conductor of Ladies’ Night Women’s Chorus, a Rutland County community chorus. She has made a living as a piano tuner-technician since graduating from a 10 month course at North Bennet St. Industrial School Department of Stringed Keyboard Instrument Technology in 1973. She lives with her husband Phil in Rutland. They enjoy having a local daughter and granddaughter, and other family and grandchildren in Laurel Maryland.When she’s not making music, she enjoys gardening, bird watching, mushroom and other wild edible foraging, reading and travel. You may contact her at lucytunes@me.com 802-342-8348 or visit her website http://www.lucyallenpianoservice.com/. She is happy to give you voice lessons online.

Our Musical Accompanists

Kate Gridley, Musical AccompanistKate Gridley

Kate accompanies our Sunday services rotating with Chuck Miller. In addition to her work as an accompanist, Kate is  professional painter. More about Kate Gridley.

Chuck Miller, Musical Accompanist
Chuck Miller, Musical Accompanist

Chuck Miller

Chuck accompanies our Sunday services rotating with Kate Gridley. He taught music for decades at Mary Hogan Elementary School in Middlebury. He is known for his jazz band and playing. Listen to one of his jazz worship services: https://www.cvuus.org/services/jazz-service/ He is happy to help you record music for online viewing.