The highest priority is that people of all ages are opened to deeper connections with themselves, others, and the spirit of life.

— From CVUUS Purpose Statement – Why We Exist, adopted Fall, 2011

Visiting, Volunteering, and Joining

Come visit CVUUS any Sunday morning at 10am and join us for conversation after the service, at about 11am.

Consider joining CVUUS if you have decided that our community is where you find spiritual renewal.

Get to know us by volunteering and support CVUUS with your donations.

If you are in need of support, contact Rev. Barnaby or the CVUUS Caring Network.

See our 2017-2018 Annual Report: 2017.2018 CVUUS Annual Report

CVUUS Programs and Groups

Deepen and broaden your personal spiritual growth by joining a Small Group Ministry group.

Meditate with the CVUUS Sangha any Sunday evening.

Thursday Night Out provides supper, games, homework help and quiet reading time for up to 10 kids (age 10 and under) from 5- 7:30 pm in Fenn House while parents have some grown up time. Every first and Third Thursday of the month, November through March.  Let Kate Gridley know if you would like to help the Caring Network in providing supper or supervision. or 989-1928.

Openings for Deeper Connections

Music Ministry Team seeks three people who love music and are interested in supporting and growing music at CVUUS. Meetings are one Wednesday a month from about 3:30-5. Youth are welcome! Contact Poppy Rees.

Flower Co-op A bouquet is like a reflection of the soul. It takes shape through a natural act. It announces the weather, reflects the mood of the moment and expresses joy and sorrow. (Christian Tortu featured in SENSA- TIONAL BOUQUETS) The Flower Co-op shares season- al pieces each Sunday as a spiritual practice and to support our worship experience. We love to do this, and invite you to join us by signing up for one Sunday or many over the next few months. Arrangements may be small, large, or in between, and you may use a CVUUS vase or your own. Perhaps a child and family would like to create an arrangement! (You might tuck in a little animal or a figure.) See Marnie Wood or Dinah Smith.

Hospitality is responsible for setting up and cleaning up the refreshments for Sunday mornings. We also offer assistance at Celebration of Life services, and are devel- oping a “Coffee Bar” event specifically to welcome potential new members. If you are able to assist in setting up between 9:30-10:00 am, cleaning up from 11:30-12:00, baking snacks, or bringing in vegetables trays, please sign up on the clipboard in the coffee area, or contact Elizabeth Golden

Worship Ministry works closely with Rev. Barnaby to provide all aspects of weekly services, serve as worship associates, and spend time educating ourselves and exploring the purpose of worship, our role in the process, and how best to meet the needs of the congregation. There is public speaking and a need to be reliable and organized while willing to be vulnerable. Please talk to Ann Webster or others on the Worship Team if you’d like to explore this. They usually meet the third Wed of the month in the evening.