The highest priority is that people of all ages are opened to deeper connections with themselves, others, and the spirit of life.

— From CVUUS Purpose Statement – Why We Exist, adopted Fall, 2011

Visiting, Volunteering, and Joining

Come visit CVUUS any Sunday morning at 10am and join us for conversation after the service, at about 11am.

Consider joining CVUUS if you have decided that our community is where you find spiritual renewal.

Get to know us by volunteering and support CVUUS with your donations.

If you are in need of support, contact Rev. Barnaby or the CVUUS Caring Network.

See our 2017-2018 Annual Report: 2017.2018 CVUUS Annual Report

CVUUS Programs and Groups

Deepen and broaden your personal spiritual growth by joining a Small Group Ministry group.

Meditate with the CVUUS Sangha any Sunday evening.

Thursday Night Out provides supper, games, homework help and quiet reading time for up to 10 kids (age 10 and under) from 5- 7:30 pm in Fenn House while parents have some grown up time. Every first and Third Thursday of the month, November through March.  Let Kate Gridley know if you would like to help the Caring Network in providing supper or supervision. or 989-1928.

Openings for Deeper Connections

Hospitality seeks people to join its efforts in setting up and cleaning up hospitality hour on Sunday mornings, especially on the Sundays when the Choir doesn’t sing (once a month usually). We’ll train and assist you until you are ready to do it on your own. Set up starts about 45 minutes before service and cleanup usually runs 11:45-12:30. Also, when Fellowship Hall opens many minds, hands, and hearts will be needed to imagine, plan for and do the work of moving hospitality there. Contact Elizabeth Golden in interested (598-2388,

Rhubarb Festival: Feel like winter is just getting into high gear? Perhaps it is, but the 10th annual Rhubarb Festival is just around the corner. Slated for Saturday, June 1st, it promises to be exciting as a milestone year using the new Ground Floor. Many hands make light work! So we’re looking for folks new and old, old and young (and the rest of us who feel somewhere in between) to help carry out this special event. Traditional focus areas include rhubarb pies (and variations on that theme), books, luncheon, plants, “bling” and scarves, and kids’ stuff. Behind the scenes activities like soliciting and picking up donations, creating the poster design, poster distribution, advertising, pie and sweets baking, and more are other ways to help while connecting with each other. Day of the event activities include setup, cleanup, selling, cashier, and food service “cowboys” (of all genders). I am willing to be the overall “Top Stalk” again this year, but am looking for an apprentice to shadow me this year in hopes of being willing to take a more active leadership role in the future. Volunteers, inquirers, seekers – contact Mary Hadley at (and if you just have ideas about potential do’s and don’ts – those are also most welcome)

Landscape Committee Have a green thumb, just like to play in the dirt, or want to use your creative mind for landscape design? The landscape committee is looking for new people to help carry out our mission to make the outside of CVUUS look good. And when the ground floor opens up there will be the added entrance to CVUUS to make welcoming too. Interested? Contact Sue Rasmussen at