Key Facts            

The time is here: let’s all help to complete the Ground Floor of the CVUUS Sanctuary by raising $850,000 through the Building More Love campaign.  We’re excited that our dream of completing the Ground Floor keeps getting closer to becoming a reality.  Imagine the smell of rhubarb pies or pancake breakfasts, the sounds of children laughing or people discussing important topics, and the sights of community gatherings or receptions.

A finished and functional Ground Floor will:

  • Help us use our beautiful building more fully, including for important community outreach and service.
  • Help us serve each other better—strengthening our connections, as we share our gifts in activities and programs that don’t fit or work well in our current spaces.
  • Help us serve each other and others with delicious food prepared in a full-sized kitchen, by our many fine cooks, and those who aspire to learn from them.
  • Provide a kitchen space for cooking and nutrition classes for social service agencies like Project HOPE.
  • Encourage us to expand worship in exciting new ways, including having a larger and more welcoming venue for our Sunday post-service fellowship.
  • Provide a less-formal space, and a refuge for many possible purposes: youth groups, seniors, an emergency shelter, or other community needs or events.
  • Support gatherings of young families, providing a safe space for exuberant energy and creative play.
  • Provide an important and safe meeting and library space, in these uncertain times, for us and for outside groups in the greater community.

The pieces of the project include:

  • An elevator and finished stairs connecting the two floors
  • A large kitchen suitable for preparing meals for at least 100 people
  • A fellowship hall for congregational or community gatherings, religious exploration activites with our kids, meetings, receptions, performances, and other events
  • A multi-purpose room and library, a flexible space for various functions and information services
  • Bathrooms, showers, storage, sound-proofing and acoustical panels, mechanical and electrical systems, lighting, walkways, entranceway


Core Project Cost Estimates – Summary

Exterior Improvements, Windows, Doors 126,300
Elevator 121,900
Bathrooms, Stairs, Entry, Floors, Mechanical Systems 150,600
Sound Insulation and Enhancements 77,000
Kitchen 65,900
Multipurpose Room (Library) 16,300
Electrical, Lighting, Plumbing, Walls, Ceiling, Sprinklers, and other      Miscellaneous Construction Costs 292,000
Total 850,000

In addition to direct construction costs, every project includes other costs.  The estimates above include the following:

  • Contractor’s Fee @ 7% of Construction Cost
  • General Liability Insurance @ 0.75% Const. Cost
  • Owner’s Contingency Fund @ 7.5% Const. Cost
  • Architect Design Fee @ 9% Const. Cost
  • Permit Costs @ 0.9% Const. Cost


Capital Campaign Gift Goals


Gift Range

# of gifts

Total Assumed

from Range

$100,001 and higher 1 $110,000
$70,001-$100,000 1 $80,000
$50,001-$75,000 1 $55,000
$25,001-$50,000 4 $115,000
$15,001-$25,000 6 $100,000
$10,001-$15,000 7 $75,000
$7,500-$10,000 10 $75,000
$5,001-$7,500 15 $75,000
$3,001-$5,000 25 $85,000
up to $3,000 Many $80,000
All $850,000

This Gift Goals table is an illustration of one way to meet the total estimated costs of the Ground Floor Completion Project; our actual results will vary.  It is based on preliminary conversations with some people and reasonable estimates based on past giving levels.  Please note that gifts are needed at all levels to meet our goal.