Here are some stories from CVUUS members about what the congregation means to them.

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As someone who has grown up in this church community, I have so many great memories of CVUUS. As a child, I remember playing a dead body in a Monty Python skit and making art projects in RE. And with the youth group I was able to cook dinners at the John Graham Shelter and travel to NYC. This church let me try so many new experiences and helped to build my confidence in public speaking. I’m grateful to now be able to give back to this church as a worship.”  Wren Colwell

“For us, CVUUS is an extended family that both ties us to our roots and gives us wings.  This warmly interconnected community offers nurturing, inspiration, and support in many ways – to us as a family and to the wider community.  It is a joy to experience the loving creativity that emerges from CVUUS hearts and minds!  Our involvement brings depth to our lives, and we in turn happily share our resources to support the values that CVUUS embodies and shares with the larger world.”  Hanson Martin Family

“CVUUS provides our family with a community of people who are open to various ways of being, who are inquisitive about the wider world, and who individually and collectively strive to make things better. For our children especially, it is a space where they can be their true selves, ask questions, and feel valued.” Lindsey & Kemi Fuentes-George

“We are grateful to be part of the CVUUS community, surrounded by others who strive to live out UU principles.  Whether through local, national, or global efforts, CVUUS inspires us to look beyond the challenges in our own lives to see how we can make a difference in the lives of others. We are thankful to have raised our three sons in this open, welcoming community that helped them become the thoughtful adults they are today.” Mary & Peter Conlon