Rev. Barnaby Feder, Minister
Rev. Barnaby Feder, Minister

I’m sorely tempted to slip into summer vacaon mode in this letter to you. A few jokes, a bunch of thank-you’s, a joyful poem, a reminder that we have some wonderful spirituality and the arts services scheduled for this summer, and a blessed be. But I’m too excited about some of our longer-range plans that we will be laying the groundwork for this summer not to mention them to you right now!

Our worship themes. We will be focusing from September through May on an in-depth exploration of the wide variety of things we care about through a month-by-month journey through the UU Seven Principles. You don’t have to join the worship team to have a say in where we go with this (although we do have room for one or two more worship associates – don’t be shy if you want to give it a try). Look right now at the Principles on the front of this newsletter! Let me know if any of them raise thorny quesons for you, or call to mind powerful experiences others might relate to.

Lifelong Unitarian Universalism. We recognize the Principles might impact us differently as children, young adults, middle-aged folk, and senior congregants. The quest to understand what it means to be a dynamic mul-generation congregation will impact a lot of what we will do in worship and beyond. For instance, as suggested at a recent congregaonal conversaon, we will convene a group to look in depth at the likely financial future of CVUUS in the next five to twenty years as the Baby Boom generaon moves through our ranks.

Passing Batons, Tending our Roots. We will seek to be more intentional in thinking about how the older congregants who currently lead the way in keeping CVUUS vibrant welcome our young adults and families into posions of power and influence in congregational life. We want to figure out new ways to clearly embrace our future while preserving for all of us the benefits of the elders’ wisdom, experience and, as long as possible, active presence.

Brave Green. All forms of injustice and destruction are related, but we plan to look especially closely in the coming year at upping our response to climate change and its repercussions. We will honestly name where we are failing collectively and individually to respond to this growing crisis; we must lean on each other for the inspiration and will to become more visible leaders in our community in all that we do.

Blessers All. As one of our hymns puts it, if what we do is not done in a spirit of love, it will end up being in vain. I and your lay leaders have agreed that the upcoming year should remind all congregants that your presence and acvity at CVUUS is a form of ministry. Simply being present at worship and other events is the beginning of blessing them – each of you is that precious! And once we are together, physically or through the use of various technologies, there is no end of possibilies for us to bless the world through what we do in community. Let us consciously serve the Spirit of Life in every way we serve ourselves and each other.