As I write this, the “wayside pulpit” message on our new sign is “Never put a period where the Spirit of Life has put a comma..” By the time you read this, though, we will be displaying an excerpt from one of our favorite UU Christmas readings: “Each night a child is born is a holy night.”

The new quote was unanimously chosen for the sign at our recent meeting of our Council of Ministries. I chose the current message but it’s our plan that the Council will be choosing all of them from now on.

Why?  The monthly meetings of the Council bring together representatives of our diverse committees to share information about what is going on and to coordinate and support major events in the life of the congregation. We call it a Council of Ministries (not committees) because its focus is not on the myriad tasks that accumulate in keeping CVUUS going. Instead the Council exists to constantly steer our work toward maintaining vibrant fellowship in all we do. While the Board’s main focus is our Future, the Council’s main focus is our Now.

I think of our monthly message as something we offer the wider world for Now. To me, this seasonal quote says “It matters little that Jesus was born – in reality or myth – unless we strive to make a world where all  births are regarded as sacred because of the inherent worth and dignity of every person. And this is a place where we do that.”

You might be interested to know what comes after the sign message sentence in the original poem by Sophia Lyon Fahs, a pioneer in liberal religious programs for children.

It’s a closing affirmation that each night a child is born  is “a time for singing, a time for wondering, a time for worship.”

May the coming month be a time for all of these things for you!

Blessed be, Rev. Barnaby