Thoughts: Kindness isn’t enough

The CVUUS theme for October is the second UU Principle: we affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations. Kindness is a part of this but it’s not the whole thing.

There may be Undercover Kindness Agents in RE this year but we don’t just talk about kindness as “being nice” because we know that niceness isn’t enough. To get the “justice and equity” part of the second Principle, we usually have to push for them. It means speaking up, reminding people of what’s right, not accepting the status quo, kindly calling each other out, and often making things uncomfortable for someone.

In the Fall 2019 issue of Teaching Tolerance, there is an article about this. The author Bret Turner (an elementary school teacher) writes, “my goal was to guide students’ thinking in terms of real justice. I used a set of principles that went beyond kindness and moved toward specific actions students could take to counter bias and stereotypes and work for a more equitable future.”

We need to remember this when we say “Kindness matters.” Yes, it does. It matters a lot! But it’s only one step toward how we need to be with each other and in the world. We ALL, not just the kids, need to work for JUSTICE for ALL. And it starts by coming up with “specific actions” we can take. So make sure you talk to your kids – and yourselves – about this. Don’t stop at kindness – take it to the next needed level.

~ Poppy, your Director of Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration

The main CVUUS service is from 10 to 11.  Kids stay for the first 15-20 minutes of the service to typically hear the welcome, a reading, sing a hymn with the congregation, and hear the “Time for All Ages” (a story or something designed with kids in mind).  The kids are invited to sit up front for the last part (but they don’t have to and some as the more cautious just stay in their seats).  After that, we sing an exit song and they leave to go right next door, for Religious Exploration (RE), which is the name for our programs for kids. At around 11, the kids have snack together, and then come back to join the adults at Coffee Hour at 11:15.

Activities are different every Sunday.  Here’s what is coming up:

Nov 3

2 Youngest RE Groups
Start in worship.

Neighboring Faiths
Fenn Chapel, starting right at 10. (OWL youth can assist in groups – ask Poppy first – or attend Worship)

High School Youth Group: 4-6:30
Cooking dinner at John Graham Shelter

Nov 9 (Sat)
Parent Group
Childcare available, dinner provided. RSVP to Tracey Harrington.
Sept 22 2 Youngest RE Groups
Start in worship.Neighboring Faiths
Trip to Essex Alliance Church – leave time TBDOWL (7th & 8th grade): 10-12:30
Fenn Chapel
Nov 16 (Sat)

OWL (7th & 8th grade)
Retreat at CVUUS (details to come)

Nov 17 Kids for Kids
Go straight to Fenn House. Older kids needed to help younger ones! All-ages kids social justice group that works to help other kids. This month: annual making HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS to sell in Dec as a UUSC Guest At Your Table fundraiser.High School Youth Group 4-6RE Council
11:45am – 1:45pm
Interested in joining? Talk to Poppy, Tracey Harrington or Jess Rouse
Nov 24 2 Youngest RE Groups
Start in worship.OWL (7th & 8th grade)
Next door in Mary Johnson Children’s Center basement.Radical Love Event

Neighboring Faiths