Religious Exploration

Please note that all in person programs have been adjusted due to COVID. Please check back for more information as we have it.

The main CVUUS service is from 10 to 11.  During normal times, this is how it works. Kids stay for the first 15-20 minutes of the service to typically hear the welcome, a reading, sing a hymn with the congregation, and hear the “Time for All Ages” (a story or something designed with kids in mind).  The kids are invited to sit up front for the last part (but they don’t have to and some as the more cautious just stay in their seats).  After that, we sing an exit song and they leave to go right next door, for Religious Exploration (RE), which is the name for our programs for kids. At around 11, the kids have snack together, and then come back to join the adults at Coffee Hour at 11:15.

Activities are different every Sunday.

RE Thoughts: What are the kids up to in RE?

Exploration programs for kids are forming! We had 71 kids enrolled pre- COVID. Here’s what they were up to pre-COVID, along with the CROP Walk, Christmas Pageant (and group song), making & selling ornaments for Guest At Your Table, starting to rehearse for The Great Kid Service, many chalices lit and many Joys & Concerns shared…

Rainbow Connection – picture books, crafts and activities connected to the 7 UU Principles, building things together with Legos, “Enter, Rejoice, and Come In”

Undercover Kindness Agents – this group is pretty mysterious…but there have been some anonymous acts of kindness happening around here, like decorating Rev. Barnaby’s office for his birthday, notes left in Ilsley Library books, kindness rocks, postcards.

Neighboring Faiths – many field trips to other faith communities including a trip to Albany where they attended an almost four-hour-long service! Learning about Christianity, Catholicism, Mega-churches, Buddhism, Judaism, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Hinduism, Black Church traditions, and Quakers.

OWL (Our Whole Lives) – learning about gender identity and expressions, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, social media, bullying, consent education, safer sex, pregnancy, and body image.

High School Youth Group – lots and lots of community service! Including making dinners monthly at the John Graham Shelter and being part of their annual Sleep-Out fundraiser, processing apples with Havurah Youth Group, interviewing people as part of Story Corp’s “The Great Listen”, preparing for the 2nd Annual CVUUS Bakeoff and starting plans for the Bridging of 7 (!) Seniors.