The main CVUUS service is from 10 to 11.  Kids stay for the first 15-20 minutes of the service to typically hear the welcome, a reading, sing a hymn with the congregation, and hear the “Time for All Ages” (a story or something designed with kids in mind).  The kids are invited to sit up front for the last part (but they don’t have to and some as the more cautious just stay in their seats).  After that, we sing an exit song and they leave to go right next door, for Religious Exploration (RE), which is the name for our programs for kids. At around 11, the kids have snack together, and then come back to join the adults at Coffee Hour at 11:15.

Activities are different every Sunday.  Here’s what is coming up:

May 4 (Sat)

Coming of Age Rehearsal 4:00-8:00
with Pizza!

May 5 Coming of Age Service multigen

COA kids (grades 7-8) run the service. Grades 1 and up kids stay in service the whole time. Younger kids invited to stay or leave after the Time for All Ages and go to the Nursery (which might get a bit crowded). Fidgets, coloring materials, stuffies, books available.

RE Council
Interested in joining? Talk to Poppy, Tracey, or Jess Rouse

High School Youth Group 3:45-6:00
Make dinner at John Graham Shelter

May 11 (Sat)

Ann Ross Fellowship Hall Dedication Tea Party 2:00-4:00

Parent Group 5:30-7:30
Dinner and childcare provided

May 12

*last* Kids for Kids this year
All-ages kids social justice group that works to help other Kids. This year’s Kids for Kids has focused on Central American refugee children.

May 19

Bridging Ceremony for graduating seniors Silas Conlon and Peter Orzech + RE Appreciation Sunday
Younger kids start in service, leave to make RE Appreciation gifts, and return at the end. Older kids encouraged to stay in entire service which includes UU Bridging Ceremony.

High School Youth Group 3:00-5:00
at Homeward Bound

May 26

*last* RE Funday
Start in worship. All-ages group with special activity TBD. Ideas?