Phone number for all staff: (802) 388-8080

Office Hours: Mon – Fri  8 am – noon


Rev. Barnaby Feder, Minister

Rev. Barnaby was called to be the minister of CVUUS in 2012, after working for twenty-seven years as a reporter for the New York Times. More about Rev. Barnaby Feder.

Email Rev. Barnaby at

Laura Asermily, Office Manager

Laura handles the administration of CVUUS. Contact Laura with questions about attending CVUUS, renting our beautiful sanctuary, and other questions. More about Laura Asermily.

In office Mon – Friday (8 am- 12 pm).

Email Laura at or call (802) 388-8080.

Kris Butler, Bookkeeper

Kris handles bookkeeping and accounting questions, including questions about member’s donations.

From home Tues & Fri (10 am – 2 pm)

Email Kris at or call 989-7346.

Poppy Rees, Director of Religious Exploration

Poppy organizes Sunday morning RE, with programs for children from pre-schoolers through the high school youth group.

Email Poppy at or call (802) 349-8508.

Ronnie Romano, Director of Music

Ronnie organizes Sunday morning music as well as other musical offerings and enrichment.

Email Ronnie at or call (201-388-4038).

Keith Rickerby, Sexton

Keith handles the surveillance and cleaning our our buildings and grounds. He usually works Thursdays 3-5 pm and Saturdays 6-8 pm. He helps open and close for events and monitors parking for large events. Contact him at 989-6036.