We’re glad that you’ll be joining us online for our Sunday service! We’ll start streaming at about 9:50 am EDT to give you time to tune in and check your video and sound.

How to Watch

To participate, go to https://www.cvuus.org/live/ on your computer, tablet, or phone.  A window will appear with a red Play button. Click on that button.  If the streaming has not started yet, you will get a message telling you so.  If it has, you should start to see motion and hear sound. You can make the window with the stream large by clicking on the Full Screen icon in the bottom right of the window — it looks like a square with breaks in the four sides.

Order of Service

The order of service is posted on the same page as the video, below the video player. If you make the video full-screen, you won’t be able to see it. You might want to print out the page before the service starts so you have a copy to refer to.

Adjust Your Sound

There should be music before the service begins.  You may want to use headphones or earbuds to hear more clearly. Make sure your YouTube player and your device are un-muted.  You can use either the volume control on the player or the volume control on your device (phone, tablet, computer) — adjust both to get the best sound for you.

Watching Past Services

We’ll post services when they are over. Go to the Past Worship Services page and click the service you want to watch. March 15, 2020 is the first service for which there is video.

A Message to the Kids