Library Mission

CVUUS Library provides books, media, and other resources to support and enrich:

  • Understanding of Unitarian Universalist beliefs, history, worship, and practice
  • The spiritual growth of individual members and friends at all ages and stages of religious exploration
  • The ministries, programs, purposes, and activities of the congregation

CVUUS Library Catalog

SEARCH OUR LIBRARY CATALOG HERE AT LibraryThing. If you have questions about how to use the catalog or need help locating materials, contact Artley Wolfson via the CVUUS office. Book suggestions for our library our always welcome!

Attention CVUUS Staff, Members, Friends

If you’re planning to purchase books or media for CVUUS, please check the library catalog first to avoid duplicating materials, unless you specifically need multiple copies. Also, please forward information about new acquisitions or donations to the library coordinator so that materials can be cataloged. This helps us steward and share our resources.

Library Locations and Policies

CVUUS library has three locations. The blue room, adjacent to Ann Ross Fellowship Hall downstairs, houses most of our adult collection and some children’s books. The sanctuary meeting room upstairs is reserved for duplicate copies of books. Most or our children’s and young adult books are in Fenn House chapel. All collections feature materials on a wide range of UU-relevant topics, including books published by the UUA’s own Skinner House and Beacon Press, and books by UU authors.

Our library materials selection policy is here. Library resources are available for all CVUUS members, friends, and staff to use. Books may be checked out for three weeks and may be renewed if not on hold for another person. Although there are no overdue fines, lost or severely damaged materials must be paid for at replacement cost.

Library Volunteers Needed!

Library helpers welcome! We have a particular need for people who could learn to manage our library system online, actively promote our library in various ways, or staff a small book sale cart.

Reading Lists

See Reading Lists for All Ages for recommended reading on a range of topics. The lists include books and media available from CVUUS Library as well as reading guides from the Unitarian Universalist Association, the UUA’s Beacon Press (not to be confused with Beacon Hill Press), and other UU sources.

Our Library Welcomes Donations

Consider celebrating a family member, friend, CVUUS staff person, or significant event by donating a special book to CVUUS library. If you have a specific book in mind, please check our library catalog first to see whether we already own it. OUR BOOK WISH LIST IS HERE AT THE VERMONT BOOK SHOP. It emphasizes high UU-interest titles. Children’s books are sturdier and longer-lasting in hardcover bindings. Either paperback or hardcover bindings are fine for adult and young adult books. Financial contributions are  gratefully received, as well.

We also welcome donations of used books, e-books, or audiovisual media for our library. Used material should be in clean, non-moldy, “like new” or “very good” viable condition. Donated books which we can’t add to our library are sold at our Rhubarb Festival’s used book sale or via our book sale cart. We would also appreciate donations of equipment and supplies, including:

  • Bookends book supports
  • iPads, Kindles, Nooks to establish a circulating library of UU-relevant e-books.
  • Small laptops, Apple/Mac preferred, for library catalog access in the blue room, meeting room or Fenn House Chapel

Book Sale Cart

CVUUS maintains a small cart of books for sale, including hymnals, books from the UUA bookstore, and a few other titles, used and new. We can also order materials for you from the inSpirit Book and Gift Shop, the UUA’s bookstore.

Library of Things

The CVUUS Library of Things (LoT) is a congregation-wide collection of useful items kept in members’ and friends’ homes and offered for short-term loan to other CVUUS members and friends. Our Library of Things reduces the need to acquire rarely used Things and fosters meaningful connections within the congregation through mutual sharing. More information about our LoT is here.

Attention Library Team

CVUUS Library management and library team resources are here.