Mission: Building connections in the spirit of shared ministry while furthering the work of the congregation in ways that nourish participants, support our staff, and affirm our UU Principles.

Council Goals:

  • Create, coordinate, and sustain opportunities for connection within the congregation
  • Ensure that ministries are making progress toward CVUUS’s long range and annual goals
  • Provide feedback to minister
  • Develop leaders

The Council of Ministries, including representatives of all the ministry committees, meets once a month to coordinate the work of the church.

To attend or submit a subject for the agenda, contact Mary Hadley (802-377-2270).

If you are interested in joining a ministry committee or the Council of Ministries, contact any of the members below who can help match your interests with what CVUUS needs.

See our annual report: 2018-9 CVUUS Annual Report

Members: Mary Hadley, Susie Patterson, Louise Cadwell, Gordon Gibson, Alan Moore, Artley Wolfson, Poppy Rees, Kathryn Schloff, Carol Harden, Mike Greenwood, Abi Sessions, Lise Anderson, Dinah Smith, Ellen Flight, Jean Terwilliger, Doug Richards, Tom Morgan, Rev Tricia & Christina

Congregational Conversations:

The Council of Ministries hosts a monthly “Congregational Conversation” following worship on topics of interest to the congregation on the third Sunday of the month Oct through May. You can propose one to Alan Moore.

Council of Ministries minutes.