2017 CVUUS Ground Floor Campaign


 What is the Capital Campaign? 

The Building More Love campaign is an effort to involve the entire congregation to raise $850,000 to complete the Ground Floor of the CVUUS Sanctuary Building.

Why complete the Ground Floor?

A finished and functional Ground Floor will:

  • Help us use our beautiful building more fully, including for important community outreach and service.
  • Help us serve each other better—strengthening our connections, as we share our gifts in activities and programs that don’t fit or work well in our current spaces.
  • Help us serve each other and others with delicious food prepared in a full-sized kitchen, by our many fine cooks, and those who aspire to learn from them.
  • Provide a kitchen space for cooking and nutrition classes for social service agencies like Project HOPE.
  • Encourage us to expand worship in exciting new ways, including having a larger and more welcoming venue for our Sunday post-service fellowship.
  • Provide a less-formal space, and a refuge for many possible purposes: youth groups, seniors, an emergency shelter, or other community needs or events.
  • Support gatherings of young families, providing a safe space for exuberant energy and creative play.
  • Provide important meeting and library space for us and for others, including outside groups in the greater community.

Who is leading and assisting the campaign?

Steve Maier – Campaign Chair
Barbara Drapelick – Campaign Deputy Chair and Treasurer
Kate Gridley and Connie Leach – Gift Chairs and Wave Coordinators
Brett Millier, Ted Scheu – Publicity and Communications Chairs
Ellen Flight – Campaign Celebration Dinner and Events
Many visitors and other volunteers from the congregation
Peter Heinrichs, Susan Lewis – Consultants, Full Harvest Fundraising
Greg Forber, Consultant, Horse Collaborative Inc. – Graphic Design and Publications
Gregg Gossens, Charlie Willner, gbA Architects


How did we arrive at the $850,000 goal?

In 2014, a Ground Floor Planning Team began surveying the congregation and conducting discussions on our hopes and dreams for the space.  A Ground Floor Design team began meeting early in the spring of 2015, and by our annual meeting that June, the team and the architects had produced schematic designs and a cost estimate of $880,000.  The congregation voted to proceed with the building project, and with a capital campaign to make it possible.

During 2016, we refined the estimates and also contracted with Peter Heinrichs and Susan Lewis of Full Harvest Fundraising to perform a feasibility review.  That study confirmed that the energy and commitment exists in the congregation to tackle the project this year, that we should be able to raise at least $750,000, and that $850,000 is a reasonable stretch goal.  Based on all this and more congregational input in January 2017, the Ground Floor Design and Capital Campaign Teams and Reverend Barnaby decided to set the goal at $850,000.

Are there other goals for the campaign? 

Yes, we have both a participation goal and a financial goal for the campaign.  Because we believe the uses of the Ground Floor space will benefit everyone at CVUUS, we hope that everyone will make a gift to the project according to their financial capabilities.  We also encourage contributions of time and energy.

How will we raise the $850,000?

We anticipate that a significant majority of the funds will be raised through pledges made by members and friends of CVUUS for gifts to be made over a 3-year period.  In addition, about $45,000 has been designated to the Campaign by the Board as part of 2 bequests to CVUUS.  We also plan to apply for at least one small grant (Chalice Lighter) and explore contributions from the broader community.  We do not plan to borrow funds for the project, except as will be necessary during construction or while the multi-year pledges come in.  We have a history of borrowing some such funds (typically for 3 years or less) from members of the congregation.

How do I make my pledge?

You will be called by a member of the congregation who will ask to meet with you and discuss the campaign at your home, office or any other place convenient to you.  The purpose of the visit is to talk about CVUUS, the campaign, and the importance of a pledge.  There is no pressure.  We believe that you will enjoy getting to know someone better (or making a new friend), while you learn more about this important step we are taking together in the life of our congregation.

What if I know what I want to pledge and do not need a visit?

You do not need to meet with anyone about the campaign.  However, you will be missing a wonderful opportunity connect with a member of the congregation and to share your views on CVUUS and the campaign.

Is money the only form of a payment I can make on my pledge?

No.  While most members will give monetary payments on their pledges, we can accept certain other forms of payments such as stock transfers or qualified IRA charitable withdrawals.  In general, the Building More Love campaign can accept gifts of real estate or personal property only that have no lien against them and are immediately marketable, with a value determined by a third-party market appraisal.  You should always consult your own financial advisor first before making a decision to make a gift from your assets to CVUUS.  If you have questions about the form of payment, please contact Barbara Drapelick, our Campaign Treasurer.

How long will my Capital Campaign pledge last?

We are asking you to make a three-year commitment beginning in 2017.  For example, a $3,000 pledge could be paid at $1,000 a year; a $12,000 pledge could be paid at $4,000 a year, and so on.  You may pay your pledge weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or all at once – whatever works best for you.  You will receive a quarterly statement from the Campaign Treasurer letting you know the status of your pledge.  You also will receive an annual statement for income-tax purposes.  Finally, any acceleration of your gift at the start of the pledging period is greatly appreciated, as it could help us reduce the size of the “bridge” funding needed to pay the contractor upon completion of the project.

Is my pledge to the Capital Campaign in addition to my annual pledge to help fund our operating budget?

Yes, it is vitally important first to make or maintain your pledge to support the CVUUS annual operating budget.  Last spring, we conducted a 2-year budget canvass in order to make room for the Ground Floor capital campaign to take place in Spring 2017.  So, we will not be conducting our regular canvass this year, though you will be hearing from Heather Seeley (CVUUS Finance Manager) to confirm your pledge for next year.  Please contact Heather or Reverend Barnaby if your circumstances have changed and you need to modify your pledge.

What if I am uncertain about my present or future financial situation?  

Our expectation is that pledges are made based on the best information a person or family has at the time the pledge is made.  Our pledge form includes language that makes it clear that pledges may be revised or the timing of the payments rescheduled If circumstances change.  If you need to revise your financial commitment, please contact the CVUUS office.  These adjustments are a normal part of every fundraising campaign and we plan accordingly.

What if I have questions or concerns about my pledge?

It’s best to contact our Campaign Treasurer, Barbara Drapelick (e-mail: barbacarv@yahoo.com), with any questions about your pledge.

Who will see my pledge?

Your pledge is confidential.  At your visit, you will be invited to place your pledge in a sealed envelope.  Your sealed envelope will be returned to the Campaign Treasurer who, along with Reverend Barnaby and the Campaign Leaders, will be the only people to view pledge amounts.  Your campaign pledge will be acknowledged by the Treasurer, and any funds paid are tax deductible, similar to your annual budget pledge.

Are there opportunities to make a Named Gift in memory of or in honor of a loved one?

We are considering this possibility.  Please let one of campaign leaders know that you are interested in making a Named Gift and any ideas you may have.

Can a bequest in my estate plan count for a campaign pledge?

A bequest will not count as a campaign pledge.  While we strongly encourage everyone to consider including CVUUS in their estate planning with a bequest or a planned gift, we are hoping you live long and will happily enjoy the fruits of this project.  Please consider giving to the CVUUS endowment fund through estate gifts.

How can I learn more about the project and campaign as it progresses?

There are many ways!  The Capital Campaign Team will be updating the congregation regularly on the campaign and building project, respectively.  In addition, there will be updates via the weekly bulletin, e-mail and in the monthly newsletter.  Also, you can check in at the campaign web site at http://www.cvuus.org/connection/ground-floor/.  In addition, please feel free to ask us questions via email at groundfloor@cvuus.org or any other way that works for you.

How can I make a difference by volunteering in the Building More Love Campaign?

By all means, please do!  There are many ways to contribute!  We are looking for visitors, who receive training and great materials to support your visits.  We are looking for volunteers to help get out mailings and thank you notes.  We are also looking for volunteers to help at the Campaign Celebration event on March 18th.  All kinds of skills and talents are helpful!  You can contact any of the Campaign Team members (see p.1).

What will happen if we raise less than $850,000?

It depends.  If we’re close to the goal, then we may recommend proceeding to more detailed designs and construction cost estimates in order to get a more precise sense of the project budget.  If we’re not so close, then we will likely come back to the congregation first to review options for whether we significantly reduce the scope of the project or try to raise additional funds, or some of both.

What are the next steps and when will construction begin?

The results from the capital campaign will be reviewed at the CVUUS Annual Meeting this June and a vote taken then on the next steps for the project.  Assuming congregational approval, the first step in the process would be to put together detailed final designs during which there will be opportunities for further congregational input.  Requests for proposal and contractor selection would likely occur in late fall 2017, with construction taking place between January and August 2018.