This Sunday.

Dismantling Racism: Let’s See What Love Can Do

Rev. Barnaby reflects on how crucial it is to the survival of CVUUS that we take on struggles that are scary, divisive and certain to outlive us as individuals. Ronnie will lead us in singing (if we’re outside) or humming (if we’re inside) What Wonderous … read more.

Black Lives Matter!

UUA General Assembly 2021

Nurturing Community

Peace Flag

Gather with us for worship this fall when we’ll begin with a simple picnic worship Labor Day weekend Sept 5 followed by honoring the High Holy Days of the Jewish tradition on Sept 12. We’ll have our annual Water Communion on Sept 19 in which we mix waters from our summer travels or favorite places in our communal bowl. Attend onsite (mostly outside) or online via cvuus zoom.

Words from Rev. Barnaby

From the Minister

CVUUS as a Family: I have often experienced UU congregations as extended families. The larger ones were more like inter-related collections of extended families organized around shared activities. They were held together as a whole primarily by the UU Principles about how we treat each other, seek truth, and honor the web of relationships in which all things exist. Read More about “From the Minister”

Masking Policy due to Delta

Inside – be masked AND distanced if with other people. Outside – be masked OR distanced if with other people. Exception: speakers  at designated microphones will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but not required, while using the mic. Inside–group singing is not permitted but humming while masked is permitted. Soloists must be masked. Outside–group singing is permitted if masked. Children welcome!

Member Stories

O congregation of sensible shoes.
O buttoned plaid shirts, men in neat beards,
O matriarchs with your practical Judy Dench hair,
O, church parking lot of Prius and Volt. We

are trying. We hung Black Lives Matter
over the door, and that’s not nothing.
Nobody is … read more.

Caitlin Gildrien