This Sunday

Traveling Together

The Choir will repeat 11 of the anthems they sang from Sept to May. It is an uplifting and entirely musical service. Come listen to the choir, and think about, “where is my place in the choir?” Maybe as singer, maybe as listener, maybe as … read more.

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

I was hesitant when your Board and Council of Ministries members asked me to contribute to this annual report. In this report, you are saying to each other and to the future, “Here’s what our congregation did during – and with – the precious 12 months from last year’s annual meeting through this year’s gathering.” Part of me felt that the single strongest statement I could make affirming that this is your congregation, not mine even though I am your called spiritual leader and, under our governance system, acting chief executive, would be to keep my voice out of this.  
But because I serve you, I will honor this request in two ways. First, some advice about perspective:     

Your annual report will be incomplete. Enjoy it for what it is above all else – a declaration that CVUUS accomplished a lot of things that matter to those who participated and will matter to those who come after us. This is only the second year the congregation has done this kind of report. You are still getting the hang of it. Inevitably, many reasons for gratitude, celebration, and honesty about challenges encountered will get cursory treatment or no mention at all. Moreover, a year is a long time and you are a diverse group. Even the most fabulous annual report will fail to do you justice as history.       Read More about “From the Minister”

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Member Stories

When Donald Trump got elected President, I said I would build a bigger table.

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