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The Uses of Catastrophe

Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It celebrated the usefulness of adversity in reacquainting us with the uplifting lessons to be learned from Nature. But how do UU’s address a future where our home planet is increasingly likely to become horrifically hostile at times? Our choir … read more.

Black Lives Matter!

No More Killing!

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) invites us to stay engaged on Black Lives Matter efforts. Several walked with Middlebury College students protesting for justice for Breonna Taylor Friday Sept 25 at Cross St Bridge. Several have posted and had their BLM lawn signs stolen, especially from East Middlebury and Ripton. We are urged to report this to police. Follow more here. 

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UUA General Assembly 2021

Circle ‘Round for Justice • Healing • Courage – UUA General Assembly 2021

Join us for a Congregational Conversation after worship during Zoom Coffee hour on Sun April 18 at ~11 am to learn about the wider work of UUA and the upcoming online UUA General Assembly. General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Participants worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process.
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Bound for Joy

Words from Rev. Barnaby

From the Minister

   A while ago, I promised everyone a March sermon that included my      conversation with Philia, the saw whet owl, about her willingness to participate in our Pledge Drive. Alas, the Sundays slipped away without my making good on that. But Philia and I did talk and here’s a transcript of how it went.

       “So, Philia, great to see you again out here in the evergreens at the edge of the meadow. How have you been?”

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Covid-19 Policy

Our Covid-19 safety policy is still in effect, with onsite public Sunday morning resuming June 2021 at the earliest.

Member Stories

As some of you know, I was raised in this community from the age of 9. I vaguely remember the infamous first meeting in the Berninghausen’s, and remember well every stage of our growth leading up to this lovely space. In the early days of … read more.

Hannah Sessions