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Though the Years

Rev. Barnaby reflects on how justice, equity, and compassion take on new dimensions for us as we age. Stay after worship for a Congregational Conversation on Emergency Procedures led by our Safe Congregation Team about prioritizing where we put our safety emphasis.

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Words from Rev. Christina

From the Minister

Hello members and friends of CVUUS,–It is so good to be here for this ministry exchange.  Middlebury is a town I have visited so many times over the past 25 years. My husband’s family has a summer home in Westport on Lake Champlain, where we often spend our vacations and holidays. 
             The peace and beauty of this land is exquisite.   During my journey here from Maine, driving through the mountains and valleys was hypnotic as the sunlight splashed  through the transforming trees.  NPR was sharing how high the quality of life is in Vermont for so many people. Now that I am living here for three weeks, I am wondering about the native heritage of this land.  Vermont’s Native History began nearly 13,000 years ago with Paleo-Indians and your state has recognized a number of Abenaki Tribes over the years.   So I honor and bow to the spirits of the land and the Abenaki people who stewarded this land before European colonization. 

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Save the Dates!

Our Radical Love Party Giveaway & Auction Fall Fundraiser

From Nov 3 until Nov 15 we’ll collect your giveaway service and auction items. Look for us during coffee hour after worship to get ideas, submit items and see items on display.
Sunday, Nov. 24 (before Thanksgiving)—after worship there will be something similar to the first and second Radical Love Giveaway where all fellowship events and goods will be given away in random drawings. People do not have to be present for this but they will have to have their tickets in the drawing – this may involve deputizing someone else to enter them on your behalf if you are away. All giveaway events must specify a date (no more “date to be determined in the future” – those have a way of never happening).  And an auction will take place for items tagged for this purpose. Some will be live auctioned and others will be silent auction. You must be present  to win live auction items.

All fund-raising, apart from the Auction, will once again be completed a week before the events. We will simplify the Ask and publicize it separately. Read More about “Our Radical Love Party Giveaway & Auction Fall Fundraiser”

Member Stories

When Donald Trump got elected President, I said I would build a bigger table.

Kate Gridley