This Sunday.

Radically in Favor of Knowing

UU’s should welcome the upcoming launch into space of the James Webb telescope, which is designed to give humanity its deepest look by far into space and time. The leading edge of brain research amazes in a different realm. But no less a scientist than … read more.

Black Lives Matter!

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) invites us to stay engaged on Black Lives Matter efforts. Our Black neighbors, friends, and family members have been asking us to dismantle racism in ourselves for a long time. Join anti-racism book groups. Working with a small group of other white folks committed to this path is a really important way to strengthen our anti-racism muscles. Read More about “Showing Up for Racial Justice”

UUA General Assembly 2021

Radical Love Giveaway

Radical Love Giveaway Raffle – 2021 Edition

For our fall fundraiser this year, we’re going to try an online (and more inclusive!) version of the Radical Love Giveaway Raffle. Here’s how it will work:

•Everyone (adult or child) will get ten virtual tickets to throw into virtual baskets connected with the items that appeal to them.
• You can contribute items until December 3, but feel free to start now! We’ll be accepting virtual tickets until December 10.

Wait – how does this raise any funds for CVUUS? Good question!
Read More about “Radical Love Giveaway Raffle – 2021 Edition”

Words from Rev. Barnaby

From the Minister

  I enjoyed being able to share a wonderful Milestone during worship on Sept. 26 (not long after the heavy clouds set the stage by giving way to brilliant fall    sunshine): Sky Williams-Tao, a former Middlebury College UU who joined CVUUS and served on our Worship Team, is now fully qualified to become one of my peers. As some of you will remember, Sky arrived in 2012 as Celeste (she, her) and transitioned in both name and sexual/gender identification during their time. On Sept. 24, Sky (they, them) was granted “preliminary fellowship” after an hour-long exam and preaching Read More about “From the Minister”

Masking Policy due to Delta

Inside – be masked AND distanced from people not in your pod. Outside – be masked OR distanced. Exception: speakers at designated microphones will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but not required, while using the mic. Inside–group singing while masked is permitted in last 15 minutes of service; humming while masked is permitted throughout service. Outside–group singing is permitted if masked. Children welcome!

Member Stories

I am the direct beneficiary of slavery. Where do I go with that? Guilt. Denial. Tears. Anger.

Margy Levine Young