This Sunday

The Freethinkers Space

Remembering what they died for — freedom of expression and assembly. Led by Rev. Barnaby.

Rev. Barnaby Writes

From the Minister

We are coming up as I write this on the one-year anniversary of my mother’s death. The week began with the sudden, unexpected passing while Michele and I were not with her of our beloved dog, Lyra.  Still, looking out from my personal grieving, I see in every direction trees gearing up to leaf out.    

We as a congregation are facing the largest gap in our time together between your initial pledges for the coming year and our preliminary budget goals, which were very modest to begin with. We are stumbling toward budget cuts that should be a cause for grief. And yet the congregation is expanding joyfully into our beautiful new fellowship hall and kitchen, and bustling with new activities. Our New UU class is shaping up to be the largest – and youngest average age – since you called me. Looking beyond everything that worries me about CVUUS, I see cause for faith and hope. And the trees are gearing up to leaf out.     

We as a nation are mired in political crisis, fear, and draining antagonisms. We are too timid and complacent to face up to our greatest challenges. And yet, looking up from all that invites me to despair, I see exciting new alliances being formed and young people stepping up to innovate and lead where we elders have faltered. And the trees are gearing up to move from budding and flowering into leafing out. Read More about “From the Minister”

Save the Dates!

Member Stories

O congregation of sensible shoes.
O buttoned plaid shirts, men in neat beards,
O matriarchs with your practical Judy Dench hair,
O, church parking lot of Prius and Volt. We

are trying. We hung Black Lives Matter
over the door, and that’s not nothing.
Nobody is saying it’s nothing. What
they’re saying is “Keep going”

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