Dinners for Charter House

CVUUS has been providing a nutritious lunch once a month for Charter House for many years, led initially by Sue Grigg and Mary Lou Bright, and lately by Alan Moore and Revell Allen.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Charter House has been feeding three meals a day for up to 100 low income or homeless people. They have asked CVUUS to provide a dinner on some Tuesdays for the foreseeable future. Basically, we would be asked to provide either a meat -vegetable-starch meal, or there could be a combination of them in a casserole. At present Charter House is feeding 65 people, all via take-out.  CVUUS volunteers would prepare the meal in the CVUUS kitchen and then take it to Charter House where their staff would distribute it. We will provide a meal at least once a month, more if we can.

We would like to follow UUA Ethical Eating guidelines as much as possible, which means using locally produced and, when feasible, organic food. This will increase cost by at least 50%, especially if we purchase local meat. We will attempt to minimize the use of meat, both because of its cost and also because it is healthier for all. However, we recognize that recipients of the food do, for the most part, prefer a significant amount of meat in their meal. We will also provide a vegetarian option. We might purchase all of our food at the Food Coop and thus benefit not only local producers but also a local owned business.

Some possible menus that we might consider are:

Lasagna (with ground turkey), steamed broccoli, carrots with ginger and maple syrup glaze. Optional vegetarian lasagna.  Apple crisp.

Meatloaf (with ground turkey), green beans, mashed potatoes. Optional vegetarian meatloaf (lentil loaf). Carrot cake.

Barbecued chicken, rice, green vegetable TBD. (Optional BBQ tofu). Chocolate chip cookie.

To feed 65 people will cost anywhere between $2.25 and $3.00 each, depending upon the meal, for a total of between $150 and $200 per meal. This is more than we should expect our CVUUS volunteers to shoulder, so we will require some support from the CVUUS budget. CVUUS is accepting  donations to the Social Action fund in our budget, which will help support providing these meals to those who find themselves homeless or in need of a meal because of their economic situation.