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Honoring Indigenous People

CVUUS Worship

CVUUS worship opens with a ringing of the bell and saying:We recognize that CVUUS gathers on land seized from the Western Abenaki people by European colonizers. We respect the Abenaki’s spiritual relationship to the land and waters of the Champlain Valley. We are … read more.

Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

Community Book Talk and Guatemalan Dinner: Come Fri. June 23, 5-7 pm, Fellowship Hall to discuss A Most Costly Journey: Stories of Migrant Farmworkers in VT while enjoying Guatemalan food  ($15/person) prepared by one of the Viva el Sabor chefs. Learn about the changes that have come … read more.

Affordable Housing for Addison County Conversation

“Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing.  Without stable shelter, it all falls apart.”  Matthew Desmond, author of Evicted:  Poverty and Profit in the American City

The bad news: We have a housing crisis in Addison County.

The good news: You can explore & support solutions.

Come Sun. June … read more.

Interim Minister Search Continues

Despite having three good candidates who listed us as a congregation they wanted to serve, it turned out we weren’t their first choice. And it turned out that there were so many fewer ministers seeking interim ministry jobs than congregations seeking interim ministers that all … read more.

Proposed “8th” UU Principle: Dismantling Systemic Racism

Learn about the proposed “8th” UU Principle: Dismantling Systemic Racism. CVUUS adopted our own version of this in March 2023. CVUUS Race in America Book Group led by Jean Terwilliger and Mike Greenwood has been discussing Asian American Histories of the U.S. and are working with other local faith groups to host a community conversation on June 4 on three ways homeowners can expand affordable housing in Addison County.

CVUUS Climate Engagement Project “Ask me…” Social Hour

Mission: Supporting and amplifying climate action

“We need teams of people to catalyze the 100’s of decisions that individuals need to make over the next decade to change behaviors, change their home heating, and purchase transportation.” Steve Maier

CVUUS Carbon Footprint

CVUUS is measuring & tracking this. Facilities … read more.

Meals for Charter House

Charter House is a local organization which has been providing housing and meals to the homeless in the Middlebury area since 2005.  Over the years, its importance has grown, as has the need. Pre-COVID Charter House provided almost 40,000 meals to hundreds of individuals and … read more.

United for Ukraine’s Peace & Freedom

View a recording of Middlebury College’s “United for Ukraine” Concert from 4/24/22 here. It was an extraordinarily moving program featuring Middlebury Community Chorus which includes several singers from CVUUS.

As  we are all painfully aware, the situation in Ukraine is not getting any  better; with … read more.