In some unusual circumstances the CVUUS community may be faced with a situation whereby it becomes necessary to consider whether or not it is appropriate to “name” certain spaces, structures, furnishings, art objects, et al. Possible examples may include the following:

  • Mr Smith asks that his sizeable donation be earmarked for the purchase of books, and that the library be named the “Smith Library.”
  • Ms. Doe has made a sizable investment in time, energy, and leadership in CVUUS landscaping over the course of many years. Members of the community suggest that the grounds be named the “Doe Gardens.”

On these rare occasions, the CVUUS Board is charged with arriving at a decision. It is understood that the Board may be faced with a very difficult decision to make. The CVUUS community trusts that the decision will be based on the Board’s majority [opinion] and [that the Board] will employ its best collective judgment. These situations are exceptional! The decision to accept a restricted gift or to “name” a space, structure, or object will be made by whatever means the Board deems appropriate. It may be based, in part, on the following factors:

  • That by doing so, an individual (or group) is honored based on his/her contribution. Such contribution may be in the form of exceptional leadership, funding and/or both;
  • The honoree exemplifies the spirit of generosity;
  • The honoree exemplifies a deep commitment to the CVUUS Congregation and to Unitarian Universalism as a whole;
  • That by doing so, to the best of the Board’s understanding at the time, their decision will uphold the integrity of the CVUUS community.

November 19, 2008