1.  Look at the curriculum you’ll be teaching two weeks ahead of time to prepare the lesson and to determine if there are any supplies or books you will need for the class. If there are books you need first try the CVUUS or Ilsley libraries. (Sign out any CVUUS books you take out on the clipboard provided in the library area.)

2.  There are field trip forms in the class binder for each class. These should be copied and distributed to parents well in advance of any planned trips.

3.  If you need art supplies or other materials check the RE supply shelves in the Fenn House. We may already have what you need. If you need to buy something (up to $10 or so), keep the receipt, get a disbursement form from the CVUUS office, and return both together to the DRE. A reimbursement check will be prepared for you. If you anticipate needing a lot of supplies, let the DRE know before you get started. Projects requiring special supplies must be approved by the DRE. If you need to order special items CVUUS office may be able to order materials in bulk along with our office supplies.

4.  At the beginning of each class the teacher and the assistant should welcome and greet the children in the classroom. The assistant will then take attendance while the teacher begins the session. Snack will be left in the classroom by the DRE; the assistant should prepare snack at the appropriate time. (And clean up when snack is completed.)

5.  At the end of the class wait for the children to be picked up by their parents or guardians.

6.  Clean the room.

7.  After the class the teacher should fill out the class summary form in the binder and then return that to the class binder. This should include a brief summary of the lesson that day, class successes, challenges, etc. If the teacher prefers to type this up it can be added to the binder later that day.

8.  That afternoon send a short class summary to the DRE who will forward that to all parents.

9.  The following week touch base with your co-teachers to review your lesson plan, the class, etc.

And… have fun!