Social Hour is a vital part of the CVUUS community. After the service, in the downstairs Ann Ross Fellowship Hall, we gather for conversation, coffee (tea, etc), and light refreshments. Social hour is coordinated by a “Social Hour Coordinator” who works with different ministry groups to provide refreshments, make coffee, and clean up.

While we are not gathering in person during COVID times, we have been gathering via Zoom after the service for social hour by clicking on  This is the same link for participating in worship via zoom so just stay on. You can opt to attend just the social hour which starts about 11 am. Detailed instructions on how to participate are in this document at

Occasionally, we offer special sessions during the social hour announced in our weekly email Blast. We have “Congregational Conversations” guided by a congregant or guest on the third Sunday of the month. Our ministries or outside groups sometimes request time to present or discuss items.