Midsummer Memoir

Memory is inseparable from the spiritual art of story telling. Silas Conlon leads us in sharing favorite family memoirs. Paul Seward shares how writing a memoir was a spiritual act for him.

Bedtime Songs

Karl Lindholm leads us in an exploration of songs that were sung to us at day’s end, and bedtime songs we sing to our children.



Art at Work

Using the art displayed in his office, Rev. Barnaby explores how the art we bring into our work spaces tells stories, keeps us sane, and invites connection.  Bring stories of your favorite workplace art.

It’s Congregational!

Becky Strum explores how theatre can do the important work of creating and sustaining community because it is CONGREGATIONAL.  It is a real-time interaction with real people speaking in a real space. What is the role of the stage director in this community building and how is … read more.

Mentoring the Arts

Pianist Tim Guiles leads us accompanied by his mentees Baxter and Mary Harrington.


Middlebury College’s Christal Brown leads us. She’s back with us and better than ever.