Neat Repeats

Clean out your closets and raise funds for CVUUS! Bring your used clothing to Neat Repeats and give them the CVUUS account number (108). It’s easy way to raise funds for the CVUUS budget while also helping people who are in need of reasonably priced, good clothing. Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate to HOPE and WomenSafe

Look for HOPE shopping cart and WomenSafe heart-wrapped box in our sanctuary lobby near the welcome table. WomenSafe seeks toiletries, baby dolls with bottles, notebooks, granola bars (or other non-perishable snacks), towels /washcloths/ stuffed animals (new or gently used), gift certificates to local hair salons, restaurants, laundromats, and grocery stores. Thank you!

Refugee Resettlement

The Vermont office of the US Committee on Refugees and Immigration (USCRI VT) is planning to settle about 100 Afghan refugees in the Rutland area in the near future. Rutland Welcomes organized 5 years ago when Syrian refugees were expected, and the organization has remained active. They collected furnishings and supplies for the new Afghan households and report that their storage space is full at the current time. Thank you for what you were able to provide. The first family has arrived. Stay posted on future collection efforts as more families arrive from Rutland Welcomes’ Carol Tashie at or Abi Sessions at

SUPPLIES: Thank you for your patience as we organize to support our new arrivals in Rutland! As you already know, we do not have access to a massive amount of storage space, nor for infinite time, so we have had to plan wisely to be able to take people’s generous donations. We have a list of things we absolutely must provide to each new arrival, and because our storage space is limited, we are going to focus on accepting ONLY THOSE ITEMS. That list is right here: GOODS LIST.docx

In general, USCRI asks that donations are in a condition that you would give them to a family member or close friend. If you have any questions about whether a specific item is needed, please refer to the list above. If you have related questions, please email me:

We appreciate your patience, your generosity, and your willingness to work with us as we finally welcome more refugees to Rutland.

With gratitude, Jennie Gartner (she/her)

Community Partnership Coordinator

Southwest and Central VT

Direct (802) 338-4617 | Main 802-655-1963

Rutland Welcomes Communications Team Letter

At last, Afghans will be arriving in Rutland this week! From now on, expect a steady flow of arrivals to Rutland as the military bases are emptied and the last groups of Afghans make their way to homes across the United States.

We need YOU to help welcome our new neighbors!

In order to work directly with our new arrivals, USCRI requires a completed volunteer application and background check. Rutland Welcomes is utilizing USCRI’s system to stay streamlined and provide a good volunteer experience for everyone.

If you would like to be sent a link to our online volunteer application, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Dee Dee O’Brien, at: Once you have submitted the application, we will submit your name to USCRI’s background check service, which is securely utilized across the country for all USCRI employees and volunteers. Once you fill out an application and your background check is sent to USCRI, we will match you with the areas of interest that align with Rutland Welcomes groups of service.

If you would like to volunteer to temporarily host Afghans arriving in Rutland as we work to place them in permanent homes, or if you know of any available rentals, please email Community Partnership Coordinator in Southwest and Central Vermont, Jennie Gartner, at:

Thank you for your patience. The time is finally here!

With gratitude, RW Communications Team

Syrian Refugee Resettlement Effort (2017)

Abi Sessions shared that 8 Syrian immigrant families settled in VT and that Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program ( VRRP) organized clothing gift cards and collections for the 32 children that will be part of this in time for school opening. They invited groups and individuals to “adopt” a child to help cloth.

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (VRRP) reported that several  “cases are assured” meaning more families from Syria would be coming to Rutland once all paperwork was finalized (fingers crossed). The third family from Syria arrived in Rutland in July 2017. That bought the number of new neighbors to 14 – six adults and eight children. While they haven’t seen all of the 25 families they originally planned for, they’re thrilled to have three families living here and more coming to be a part of Rutland’s wonderful community.

VRRP shared volunteer opportunities for setting up apartments, being a family friend and teaching English. People wishing to volunteer in any capacity will need to have filled out an application and been approved. Look for these in the sanctuary lobby racks or request one at For VRRP Program Info, contact Laurie Stavrand  ( or Abi Sessions (

Kit and Kaboodle Project

MANY THANKS to all CVUUS members and friends who contributed to the collection of household supplies for refugees that VRRP had planned to resettle in Rutland in the fall. “Kit and Kaboodles” were collected by the Choir, the RE Council, the Board, a Small Group Ministry team and by lots of people working together. (Click on the link above to see more about this project.) Thanks to your efforts, we had six complete Kit and Kaboodles to supply refugees with household essentials! Abi can’t mention all of you by name, but thanks you all enthusiastically for your generosity! In addition to household supplies, our Middlebury Area Refugee Resettlement Committee has been collecting furnishings. Paquette storage donated a tractor trailer, located in East Middlebury, in which was stored furniture collected from private households and from the college.

Rutland Welcomes let us know that the donations (furniture, household goods, gift cards, etc–assembled in Kit and Kaboodle Kits) were put to excellent use helping the families set up their apartments and begin their new lives as Rutlanders.

The unused Kit and Kaboodle items donated to Rutland’s refugee families were distributed to shelters and other places in need. Proceeds from items that were sold have gone to the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program.

2016 Refugee Help