Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is a self-governing group, charting our own course, choosing our own ministers, and setting our own policies.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees sets policy for the congregation and is elected by the members. The Board works with the congregation to create a Mission statement, along with policies and procedures to make our purpose and mission a reality.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Blue Room and on Zoom.

The CVUUS ANNUAL MEETING took place on Sunday, June 5, 2022 after the worship service (about 11 a.m.) on site in our sanctuary and on Zoom.  The Annual Meeting is where our democratic principles come to life. Attached is the formal warning and minutes from last year’s meeting, which include our robust discussion on the future of music. CVUUS members voted on:

  • The budget for 2022 – 2023. The Finance Committee put in many hours on this, and details were provided and explained in advance. Ann Webster was available for anyone who wanted finances clarified before the annual meeting. Budget passed!
  • Candidates for open positions on the Board (still seeking one) and on the Nominating Committee were approved.

We also heard a report on our long-range planning efforts and preparations for ministerial transition.

Print copies of all attachments are available in the lobby. Let the office know if you’d like these mailed to you.

WARNING CVUUS Annual Meeting 2022

CVUUS Annual Meeting Minutes June 6, 2021

Proposed Budget 2022-23

2022-23 Approved Operating Budget 6-5-2022

Income & Expense 3rd Qrt

Qrt Balance Sheet

At the meeting, we follow our version of Robert’s Rules of Order. Ideally, the rules maintain a good balance between robust discussion and reaching decisions in a timely fashion. Here’s a flow chart that illustrates how a proposal (“motion”) makes its way to a vote. Our next annual meeting is Sunday June 4, 2023 following worship.

If you have never used Zoom, watch the “Join a Meeting” tutorial here.

In June 2019 we documented the mission and goals of our ministries: 2018-9 CVUUS Annual Report.

The staff, including our minister, Rev. Barnaby Feder, includes an office manager,  religious exploration director, music director, sexton, bookkeeper, and nursery attendant.

To contact any CVUUS staff, board member, committee, or team leader, please phone the office, 802-388-8080 during office hours or email office@cvuus.org.

Ministries (also known as committees) run specific areas of congregation life, including Facilities, Finance, Worship, and Membership.

The Council of Ministries, including representatives of all the ministry committees, meets once a month to coordinate the work of CVUUS.

Our Elected Leaders

Doug Richards, President

Kerri Duquette-Hoffman, Vice-President

Ann Webster, Treasurer

Kas Singh, Clerk

Members At Large: Mary Hadley, Hannah Sessions, and Alan Moore (filled by the Board)