3/23/02 Draft

The Search Committee (SC) will notify the Personnel Committee (PC) when there is a CVUUS staff position to be filled.

The committee most closely related to the staff position (“the key committee”) will prepare the job description and set the pay range, in consultation with the PC and in accordance with the annual budget. (However, if the salary for this position is not included in the annual budget then the SC shall set the pay range to be offered.)

The PC will advertise the position.

The PC and key committee, together, will review the applications and select the applicants to be interviewed.

The PC will make contact with applicants to set up the interviews.

The interviews will be conducted by members of the PC and key committee; the Minister and SC will be notified of the date and time of each interview and SC members and/or the Minister may participate in the interviews if the SC deems this appropriate.

The key committee shall recommend to the PC, Minister, and SC the person to whom the offer should be made.

The PC shall submit a report to the SC identifying the name and qualifications of the person it has selected and setting forth the proposed terms of employment, for SC approval.

If the SC declines to approve the applicant or the terms of employment recommended by the PC, it shall provide the PC with instructions on how to proceed at that point.

Upon the SC’s approval of a proposed new hire and his/her terms of employment, the PC shall deliver the offer, negotiate final terms of employment, write up the contract, get the contract signed, and arrange for start date, mode of compensation and supervisor designation.

The PC shall provide a copy of the contract and written instructions regarding the amount, delivery and timing of compensation checks to the Treasurer promptly after the hiring.

The PC shall be the contact for all employment related issues, but the chair of the key committee shall be the contact person for issues about the employee’s responsibilities.