Pastoral Care

CVUUS is blessed with many wise and well-trained individuals beyond Rev. Barnaby capable of providing temporary counseling support to members and friends in various kinds of distress.  Jordan Young ( or 802-989-3370) leads our Lay Pastoral Care Team. Marjorie Carsen is a member of this team.

Caring Network

Our Caring Network provides support, such as calls, visits, meals, and rides, to those in need. Please contact Kathryn Schloff (352-4246 or,  Dale Birdsall, Michele Lowy, Pat Schmitter, Marjorie Carsen, Ginny Ashenfelter or Ted Scheu for assistance. They can put out requests. Let them know if you would like to provide assistance. We thank all the faithful folk who have participated in our efforts to support our members – providing lots of meals and myriad rides to doctor’s offices, doing errands and paying visits. We encourage members of the congregation to call on us. We have an extensive network of willing helpers standing by.

Yellow Card Milestones & Passages

Let us know of your joys and concerns, which we share during Sunday worship. Submit them at

Virtual Visit

Request one with Rev. Barnaby at

Library of Things

This is a listing of useful items, owned by congregants, that they are willing to lend to other community members. As contributions have come in, it’s become clearer to us which categories might be the most useful:

  • baby equipment (portable cribs, booster seats, infant baskets),
  • medical equipment (cast covers, walkers, canes, shower seats),
  • furniture (folding tables and chairs, lawn chairs),
  • kitchen equipment (pressure canner, percolator, hot plate),
  • craft or hobby equipment (hot glue gun, sewing machine), and
  • tools of all kinds.

It will be important that items be lent and returned in good condition, and especially for baby and medical equipment, be clean and sanitary.

We have not yet finalized the system for publicizing the list and lending the items, but we will let you know as soon as those procedures are set.  For now, continue to let Artley Wolfson know what items you are willing to lend. and visit to view what’s listed so far.

Caring Circles

Our Caring Network formed circles of 6-8 congregants, organized largely by neighborhood, as a means of staying in touch with one another through phone call and Zoom check ins during the COVID 19 crisis. These have been laid down now that people are connected.

Let’s Eat Together

The Caring Network looks forward to resuming lunch with you on the 4th Wed of every month at 12 pm  in Fellowship Hall when we are granted permission to meet face to face again.  The idea is to bring your own lunch while the Caring Network provides drinks and seating. Let Dale Birdsall 989-7660 know of your interest or if you need a ride.


Caring Network “FUUDIES” prepare meals in our lower level kitchen and their homes for later distribution to those in need.

Green Burial

Caring Network offered a Green Burial presentation and discussion on May 11, 2017. The short video, Dying Green, was shown, followed by a brief talk by Michelle Acciavatti, a home funeral, green burial and advance care planning guide, and death midwife from Montpelier. Green burial is a return to the way we have cared for our dead for thousands of years. A green burial does not embalm the body, uses a simple biodegradable shroud or coffin, no concrete or steel vault, and a grave of only three and a half feet deep. For more information, visit

Death Cafe

Kate Gridley and Helen Young hosted the first gathering of Death Café, April 27, 2017. Attendees gathered to eat cake, drink tea, and discuss death in a relaxed, open setting. Death Cafe is a discussion group, rather than a grief support or counseling session. More at

#Metoo Movement

The #Metoo movement has been so powerful and has helped many survivors to find their voice, as shared in recent worship services and events.  This also comes with a need for support, both for survivors speaking, and for those supporting and listening. WomenSafe is here for that. Their 24-hour hotline is available to anyone at any time (802-388-4205). Also, if anyone is interested in information about how to talk with youth about the #Metoo movement and healthy sexuality, WomenSafe can be a resource for this as well. You can speak with Director Kerri Duquette-Hoffman and board members Becky Strum, Amy Mason or Joanna Colwell.