Currently, anyone over the age of 15 can become a member of CVUUS. Membership has no creedal requirements. Instead, we require that you commit to participating in the life and community of CVUUS, including financial or volunteer support.

Contact Rev. Barnaby to discuss joining CVUUS. We suggest that you attend a “New UU” class to learn more about CVUUS and Unitarian Universalism before you join. They are offered every fall and spring at your convenience online or onsite.



At CVUUS we make a heartfelt effort to welcome all warmly. This includes new visitors, guests from other places, our regularly attending members and friends, and our newest members.

Getting to know visitors and prospective members is a privilege and inspiration, so I strongly recommend that we all seek out these folks to hear their stories, as well as to provide a welcome.  Our dedicated greeters are usually able to invite newcomers to sign the Visitors’ Book and make themselves a name tag, but it’s OK to ask if they have done so when you introduce yourself.  And if we all try to remember to wear name tags, it makes getting to know each other much easier. (You can make a new one for yourself if your tag is on the kitchen counter at home!)

The path to membership, including New UU classes every Spring and Fall, starts with a visit, one that is welcoming and spiritually appealing.  So many of us contribute to that experience. Thus the concept of hospitality as a spiritual practice resonates with me.  I invite you all to identify with this concept.

Here’s a request then:  If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can do welcoming better, please feel free to share them with me or any of our friendly and dedicated Sunday greeters.  And you are also invited to become a greeter yourself, as your schedule may allow.

The Board welcomed new members who joined in 2019 to a special lunch on Jan 12, 2020 at 11:30 am in Fenn Chapel: Revell Allen, Steve Butterfield, Rosalie Cryan, Avi Freund, Lindsey and Kemi Fuentes-George, Liam Battjes Greenwood, Nathaniel Hutner; Kenneth P. Levine, Tyler McDowell, Terry A. Racich, Dana Roark, Ian Ross, Julia Santere, Esther Thomas, Connor Timmons and Neily Jennings, Helene and Larry  Vanderburgh

In hope and gratitude,
Marjorie Carsen, for Membership Ministry