Sunday Morning Services

CVUUS may cancel Sunday morning services under the following conditions:

  1. An ice storm or icy roads
  2. Water Street/Charles Avenue road is not plowed
  3. Water Street/Charles Avenue road is closed (flooding, train accident, etc)
  4. There is no water at 2 Duane Court
  5. There is no electricity at 2 Duane Court
  6. There is no heat at 2 Duane Court

If the church is closed, a notice will be posted by 8:00 AM on Sunday morning on the website and a message recorded on the church answering machine.  You will receive an e-mail message (if you are on the “weekly blast” list) by 8:00 AM.

We do not encourage people to attempt to get to a Sunday morning service if they believe travel between their homes and church may be hazardous. That may force us to make some adjustments in the planned order of service depending on who shows up, but it is our intention to do everything possible to continue with regularly scheduled worship services and religious education programs for those who can make it unless prevented from doing so by one of the six situations listed above.

Other Events

For other events, the same criteria will be in place.  We will attempt to post and record a notice two hours prior to the start time of the event.  The Minister and the Board President will make the decision in consultation with the church staff.