Author: Laura Asermily

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Come to our Congregational Conversation on the 3rd Sunday of the month following worship via CVUUS Zoom in place of the social coffee hour. The next one will be Sunday Jan 16 at ~11 am on how to continue our work on dismantling systemic racism which is the heart of the newly proposed 8th principle of Unitarian Universalists.

2022: Springing Forth

Lise Anderson and Brett Millier convene reps from our ministry groups on 1st Monday of month at 5 PM (currently online only) to brainstorm and update each other. Ask them about opportunities galore for you to promote, celebrate and stay connected with CVUUS. They reviewed the … read more.

New to UU? Become a Member

Thanks to the pandemic, it’s been a while since CVUUS has experienced the joy of welcoming new members as part of Sunday worship. If you are a newcomer wondering about how to get more involved and what it means to be a UU, so that … read more.

Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

In response to deportations of Addison County farm workers and separation of families, many seek to help. We continue to inquire about how to communicate better with farmers, migrants and volunteers about what help can be offered. CVUUS and other groups work toward meeting migrants’ … read more.

Meals for Charter House

Charter House is a local organization which has been providing housing and meals to the homeless in the Middlebury area since 2005.  Over the years, its importance has grown, as has the need. Pre-COVID Charter House provided almost 40,000 meals to hundreds of individuals and … read more.

Honoring Indigenous People

CVUUS Worship

CVUUS worship opens with a ringing of the bell and saying:We recognize that CVUUS gathers on land seized from the Western Abenaki people by European colonizers. We respect the Abenaki’s spiritual relationship to the land and waters of the Champlain Valley. We are … read more.