Author: Laura Asermily

Rhubarb Festival–pies and so much more!

CVUUS will open its doors to the community for our 10th Rhubarb Festival Sat., June 1, 10 am to 2 pm. The festival planners count on the many contributions of our members and friends to create this event.

Pies: These are always the hallmark of the Festival … read more.


We are ‘GOING BIG’ this year, expanding our Rhubarb Festival Book Sale to include MORE BOOKS, as well as ART OF ALL KINDS! This expanded effort is designed to RAISE MORE MONEY to benefit the library by BUILDING NEW LIBRARY SHELVING in our new Fellowship … read more.

White Privilege Discussions Continue

Delegates at the 2018 General Assembly in Kansas City, MO, selected “Undoing Intersectional White Supremacy” to be the 2018-2022 Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) of the Unitarian Universalist  Association (UUA) of Congregations. The Congregational Study/Action Issue is an invitation for congregations to take a topic of … read more.

Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

Addison Allies could use more volunteer drivers for growing ride requests, especially to night health appointments and groups at Open Door Clinic and classes at Adult Learning. Contact More below.

In response to recent deportations of Addison County farm workers and separation of families, many … read more.

Community Meal Prep Appreciated

CVUUS hosts community lunch at the Charter House.  Consider joining the Charter House community lunch team for CVUUS! Your involvement can be what works best for you. Maybe be on a call list for preparing a dish occasionally, or making sandwiches on site for the … read more.

Can We Talk about Guns?

Sunday, Dec 16, Remembering Victims of Gun Violence, 11:30 pm—Communities all across the country will be holding memorials this month because December 14th is the 6th anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy. This year we will light candles for them and others, and say the … read more.

#Metoo movement addressed

The #Metoo movement has been so powerful and has helped many survivors to find their voice, as shared in recent worship services and events.  This also comes with a need for support, both for survivors speaking, and for those supporting and listening. WomenSafe is here … read more.