Speaker: Becky Strum

New Beginnings

Cold and darkness may still surround us, but the calendar declares a new year has begun. Most of us get lots of opportunities to begin anew in our lives. Of course, we’re always free to move past any chance to start over, to try again, … read more.

Thresholds as a Gift

ON SITE & ZOOM. Rev. Barnaby reflects on how being in transition can be a time of abundant gifts as well as anxiety for us as a community as well as individually assisted by Becky Strum with our Choir. The House Band played selections by Vince … read more.

Change through Theater

IN OUR SANCTUARY & ON ZOOM. Theatre at its best is a collective, spiritual experience. It is church for the heart and mind. It helps us form opinions and gain insight into the lives of our fellow humans. Becky Strum was joined by Melissa Lourie, … read more.

Theatre in this Time

What is the role of theatre in this time of pandemic with its spotlight on systemic racism? Becky Strum and friends “hold a mirror up to nature” through music and a zoom-staged play reading.

A Spirituality & the Arts summer worship service.

Join fellow congregants to participate … read more.

What Astonishes You?

We turned again to Mary Oliver’s poem Gratitude as a guide for accepting one another and encouraging spiritual growth and asked congregants to share on her eight questions.

What did you notice?

What did you hear?

When did you admire?

What astonished you?

What would you like to see again?

What … read more.