The Art of Children’s Stories

Ashley Wolff, a nationally recognized illustrator, focused on how art can change over time, with Karl Lindholm.

A Spirituality & the Arts summer worship service.

Order of Service

Preservice Music: Chuck Miller and images from our CVUUS gardeners

Prelude: Kate Gridley rings our bell amongst Ashley Wolff’s childrens’ books, then riffs on Springstein’s My Home Town with images of August flowers & pollinators

Welcome: Caitlin Gildrien with Sonora reading to Jasper.

Pathways to Connection: Karl Lindholm, Worship Associate

Call to Worship/ Chalice Lighting

Time for All Ages: Connor Timmons reading to Declan

Honoring Children in Song: Let Us Open Our Eyes  Poppy Rees singing with Milo

Reflection: Why I Love Stories  Michele Lowy

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with Breadloaf Mountain Zen Center Addison County Food for Families Project. Contributions can be made at

Milestones & Passages: Karl Lindholm. Future ones can be shared at

Meditation:  Kate Gridley original music with images by Martha Lentz (Karl’s sister)

Talk: The More Things Change   Ashley Wolff

Closing: Karl Lindholm

Postlude: Kate Gridley accompanied by images of reading to children

Thanks to our “Stream Team” Rich Wolfson and Margy Young.