Speaker: Rev. Tricia Hart


ON SITE & ZOOM. Advent is a season of waiting, and of mystery. Rev. Tricia will talk about the power of curiosity and imagination as we wait. Poppy, our Dir. of Religious Exploration, and our kids will decorate our holiday tree, along with all … read more.

Opening to a New Way

Opening to a New Way.  Change is hard. There’s way too much uncertainty in the world as it is — why should we invite in more? The answers have a lot to do with freedom, inspiration, and learning to grow, together.

During the service, we recognized … read more.

Our Changing Story: Why We’re Here (Part 1)

Religions may focus on “eternal truths” – but religion throughout human history has never stopped changing. Which leads us to where we are today, in the tumultuous times of this 21st century. Rev. Tricia Hart offered the briefest glimpse of how religious ideas have evolved … read more.