Topic: Spirituality & the Arts summer services

Abstraction and Spirituality

We wrapped up our Spirituality and the Arts summer worship services with Haitian artist Sophia Domeville as our featured speaker accompanied by Esther Thomas. Our special “5th Sunday” donee was Fonkoze, which is made up of three organizations that work together to help rural Haitians … read more.

Something Wonderful — In the Beginning

Rev. Barnaby reflected on how the arts help us understand what it means to be staging a beginning. He will introduced us to Ronnie Romano, our new music director. Our recording started late and leads with Poppy Rees, our religious exploration director, addressing us about … read more.

Summer Road Trip #2

Following up on our wonderful experience attending All Soul’s Washington DC’s July 4 worship together online, we attended worship remotely at UU Congregation at Montclair, (NJ), the congregation Rev. Barnaby attended for more than 10 years before entering seminary in 2008.

Spiritual Practice of Farming and Art Making

With Hannah Sessions, Blue Ledge Farm owner. Multi-access.

Order of Service

Preservice music 

Bell  Recognition of Land

Prelude Ronnie Romano

Welcome & Pathways to Connection: Julia Chant, worship associate

Call to Worship & Chalice Lighting:  Julia Chant

Music: From All the Fret and Fever of the Day (Hymn # 90)

From all the fret and fever … read more.

Five Poems that Made My Day

Rev. Barnaby shared five poems, assisted by Becky Strum and Chris Murphy. Dr. Francois S. Clemmons sang Lift Every Voice and Sing. Links to recorded portions of this service to come at a later date.

Order of Service

Preservice & Prelude: Chuck Miller

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land   … read more.

The United States of Reparations

On this day, the United States commemorates the Declaration of Independence. However, it is time for this country to create a new declaration – one that involves emotional, spiritual, and financial reparations to descendants of slavery, America’s Original Sin. The time is now – and … read more.