Explore the faith traditions of Unitarian Universalism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Christian Evangelicalism, Black Church Traditions, and Quakers. Discussions, videos, and games explore the values that the faiths share but with an emphasis on their uniqueness. Most faith units include an information piece, a field trip or virtual visit (mosque, temple, synagogue, churches, and more), followed by reflection. Most field trips are on Sundays but some are on other days.

Resources used include:

OWL (runs alternate years)

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum.  It values:

  • Self Worth
  • Sexual Health
  • Responsibility
  • Justice and Inclusivity

OWL models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice. It helps adolescents address their attitudes, values, and feelings about themselves, their sexuality, and others’ sexuality. Participants are guided by trained facilitators through an engaging curriculum that addresses topics most important to young adolescents, including those typically excluded from sexuality education and health classes.  Some topics:  gender identity, body image, puberty, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, social media, and bullying.