Books for young people are in Fenn House. Resources for adults are in the sanctuary building, either in the upstairs meeting room or the fellowship hall downstairs. Check our online catalog for details.


For Young People

Subtopics: Death of family member, Death of pet, What is death?


Picture Books

Alvarez, Julia.  Where Do They Go?.  JUV E ALV

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Dead Bird.  JUV E BRO

Bunting, Eve. The Memory String.  JUV E BUN

Buscaglia, Leo F.  The Fall Of Freddie The Leaf : A Story Of Life For All Ages.  JUV FIC BUS

Carson, Jo.  You Hold Me And I’ll Hold You. JUV E CAR

Clifton, Lucille.  Everett Anderson’s Goodbye. JUV E CLI

De Paola, Tomie.  Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs.  JUV E DEP

Donovan, Jane Monroe. Winter’s Gift.  JUV E DON

Fry, Virginia Lynn.  Part Of Me Died, Too: Stories Of Creative Survival Among Bereaved Children And Teenagers. JUV 155.9 FRY

Howe, James. Kaddish For Grandpa In Jesus’ Name, Amen.  JUV E HOW

Joosse, Barbara M.  Ghost Wings.  JUV E JOO

The Kids’ Book About Death And Dying.  JUV 155.9 KID

Miles, Miska.  Annie and the Old One.  JUV E MIL

Müller, Birte.  Felipa and the Day of the Dead. JUV E MUL

Newman, Leslea.  Too Far Away To Touch.  JUV E NEW

Oskarsson, Bárður,The Flat Rabbit.  JUV E OSK

Otoshi, Kathryn.  Two.  JUV E OTO

Portnoy, Mindy Avra.  Where Do People Go When They Die?. JUV E POR

Ringtved, Glenn.  Cry, Heart, But Never Break.  JUV E RIN

Soros, Barbara. Tenzin’s Deer. JUV E SOR

Viorst, Judith.  Tenth Good Thing About Barney. JUV E VIO

White Deer of Autumn.  Great Change.  JUV E WHI

Wild, Margaret.  Toby.  JUV E WIL

Wood, Douglas.  Grandad’s Prayers Of The Earth. JUV E WOO



About Death:  Unitarian Universalist Book For Kids. 155.9 ABO

Anderson, Lydia.  Death.  JUV 155.937 AND

Fahs, Sophia Lyon. Beginnings of Earth, Sky, Life, Death: Stories Ancient and Modern.JUV 291.212 FAH confirm.

Bratman, Fred.  Everything You Need To Know When A Parent Dies.  JUV 155.9 BRA

Brown, Laurene Krasny.  When Dinosaurs Die : A Guide To Understanding Death.  JUV 155.9 BRO

Fry, Virginia. Part of Me Died, Too: Stories Of Creative Survival Among Bereaved Children And Teenagers.  155.9 FRY

Hyde, Margaret O.  Meeting Death.  JUV 306.9 HYD

Romain, Trevor.  What On Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies?.  JUV 155.937 ROM

Smid, Emmi. Luna’s Red Hat : An Illustrated Storybook To Help Children Cope With Loss And Suicide. JUV 155.9 SMI

Stickney, Doris.  Water Bugs And Dragonflies : Explaining Death To Young Children.  JUV 306.9 STI


Talking About Death With Children

Goldman, Linda.  Great Answers To Difficult Questions About Death : What Children Need To Know.  155.9 GOL

Grollman, Earl A.  Explaining Death To Children.  155.4 GRO

Grollman, Earl A.  Talking About Death : A Dialogue Between Parent And Child.  155.937 GRO

See also picture book and non-fiction titles above.


For Adults

Subtopics: Serious illness, Death, Dying, End of Life, Grieving, Comforting


Acosta, Judith.  The Worst Is Over : What To Say When Every Moment Counts.  615.851 ACO

Albom, Mitch.  Tuesdays With Morrie : An Old Man, A Young Man, And Life’s Greatest Lesson.  378.1 ALB

Belletini, Mark.  Nothing Gold Can Stay : The Colors Of Grief.  248.866 BEL

Braestrup, Kate. Anchor & Flares : A Memoir of Motherhood, Hope, and Service.  204 BRA

Braestrup, Kate.  Beginner’s Grace : Bringing Prayer To Life.  248.32 BRA

Brooks, Melanie.  Writing Hard Stories : Celebrated Memoirists Who Shaped Art From Trauma.  808.06 BRO

Byock, Ira.  The Best Care Possible : A Physician’s Quest To Transform Care Through The End Of Life.  616.029 BYO

Byock, Ira.  Dying Well : The Prospect For Growth At The End Of Life.  306.88 BYO

Callanan, Maggie.  Final Gifts : Understanding The Special Awareness, Needs, And Communications Of The Dying.  155.937 CAL

Chast, Roz. Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir. 306.874092 CHA

Church, F. Forrester.  The Cathedral Of The World : A Universalist Theology.  230.9132 CHU

Church, F. Forrester.  Love & Death : My Journey Through The Valley Of The Shadow.  289.1092 CHU

Cousins, Norman. Anatomy Of An Illness As Perceived By The Patient : Reflections On Healing And Regeneration.362.19 COU

Cousins, Norman.  The Celebration Of Life; A Dialogue On Immortality And Infinity.  128.5 COU

Cope, Denys.  Dying : A Natural Passage.  155.937 COP

Crowe, Kelsey.  There Is No Good Card For This : What To Say And Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, And Unfair To People You Love.  155.93 CRO

Cryer, Dan.  Being Alive And Having To Die : The Spiritual Odyssey Of Forrest Church.  289.1092 CRY

Gawande, Atul.  Being Mortal : Medicine And What Matters In The End.  362.175 GAW

Gooding, Margaret K.  A Stepping-Stone Year : A Program For Eight-To-Ten Year Olds.  268.432 GOO (Fenn R.E. office)

Grollman, Earl A.  Living When A Loved One Has Died.  155.937 GRO

Hamilton-Holway, Barbara. Who Will Remember Me?: A Daughter’s Memoir Of Grief And Recovery.  248.866092 HAM

How To Die In Oregon.  179.7 HOW

Kiernan, Stephen P.  Last Rights : Rescuing The End Of Life From The Medical System.  179.7 KIE

King, Martin Luther.  A Gift Of Love : Sermons From Strength To Love And Other Preachings.  252.061 KIN

Kowalski, Gary A.  Goodbye, Friend : Healing Wisdom For Anyone Who Has Ever Lost A Pet.  155.9 KOW

Kreis, Bernadine.  Up From Grief; Patterns Of Recovery  131.33 KRE

Lembke, Janet.  The Quality Of Life : Living Well, Dying Well.  362.175 LEM

Lewis, C. S.  A Grief Observed.  242.4 LEW

Manning, Doug.  Don’t Take My Grief Away : What To Do When You Lose A Loved One.  248.86 MAN

McCormack, Jerusha Hull. Grieving : A Beginner’s Guide.  155.937 MCC

Miller, Brenda.,  The Pen And The Bell : Mindful Writing In A Busy World. 808.02019 MIL

Miller, William A.  When Going To Pieces Holds You Together.  155.937 MIL

Moon, Susan.  This Is Getting Old : Zen Thoughts On Aging With Humor And Dignity.  294.3440846 MOO

Moore, Thomas. Ageless Soul : The Lifelong Journey Toward Meaning And Joy. 155.67 MOO

Muesse, Mark W.  Practicing Mindfulness: An Introduction to Meditation.  294.344 MUE

Neumann, Ann.  The Good Death : An Exploration Of Dying In America. 304.6 NEU

Pausch, Randy.  The Last Lecture.  004.092 PAU

Robinson, Christine C. Heart To Heart : Fourteen Gatherings For Reflection And Sharing.  253.7 ROB

Robinson, Christine C.  Soul To Soul : Fourteen Gatherings For Reflection And Sharing.  250 ROB

Rosenberg, Larry.  Living In The Light Of Death : On The Art Of Being Truly Alive.  294.3444 ROS

Seaburg, Carl.  Great Occasions; Readings For The Celebration Of Birth, Coming-Of-Age, Marriage, And Death.  808.8 SEA

Shaffer, Nancy.  While Still There Is Light : Writings From A Minister Facing Death.  289.1092 SCH

Walker, Val. The Art Of Comforting : What To Say And Do For People In Distress. 177.7 WAL

Wilber, Ken.  Grace And Grit : Spirituality And Healing In The Life And Death Of Treya Killam Wilber.  362.1969940092 WIL

York, Sarah.  Remembering Well : Rituals For Celebrating Life And Mourning Death.  291.38 YOR



Keywords: death, dying, grief, grieving, healing, hope, loss, bereavement, comforting, solace. See also aging, end of life.



How Lovely The Ruins : inspirational Poems And Words For Difficult Times. 808.8 HOW


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