Small Is Beautiful

Welcome to the Era of Small Group Congregational Life and Worship. Led by Rev. Barnaby.

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Order of Service

Prelude: Here We Are, Chuck Miller on piano

                May Nothing Evil, Kate Gridley on piano

Welcome & Pathways to Connection: Becky Strum, Worship Associate

Call to Worship: Stay Together & Stick Together by Rod Richards

Chalice Lighting: Sacred Unknowing by Amy Carol Webb

Time for All Ages: Nina Cried Power by Hozier    Poppy Rees, dir. Religious Exploration

Honoring the Children in Song: Let Us Open Our Eyes   Poppy Rees

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with World Central Kitchen donee.

Contributions can be made at

Milestones & Passages: Rev. Barnaby Feder. Future ones can be shared at

Prayer & Meditation

Music: Hard Times by Stephen Foster   played by Shannon LaRose

Readings: A New Paradigm for Social Justice Work (excerpt) by Karen Clemmensen; A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life (excerpt) by Parker Palmer   read by Becky Strum

Sermon: Small Is Beautiful: Small Group Ministries with Giant Potential  Rev. Barnaby

Benediction & Extinguishing the Chalice: Rev. Barnaby

Postlude: Chuck Miller on piano

Thanks to our “Stream Team” Margy & Jordan Young, Richard Hopkins, Lucy Tenenbaum and Rich Wolfson.

Thank you for joining us for worship!

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