Speaker: Rev. Barnaby Feder

Barnaby Feder is the settled minister at CVUUS. Before becoming a minister Barnaby worked for twenty-seven years as a reporter for the New York Times. Barnaby’s wife, Michele Lowy, is an elementary school teacher. They have three children, two sons and a daughter.

More about Rev. Barnaby

Five Poems that Made My Day

Rev. Barnaby shared five poems, assisted by Becky Strum and Chris Murphy. Dr. Francois S. Clemmons sang Lift Every Voice and Sing. Links to recorded portions of this service to come at a later date.

Order of Service

Preservice & Prelude: Chuck Miller

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land   … read more.

Flower Communion

Flower Communion is a traditional Unitarian celebration of the way our unique identities weave together to form a beautiful community. This will be our first on site multi-access meeting.

Something Wonderful

Many years ago, Steve Maier suggested to Rev. Barnaby that this title be used continuously to describe the upcoming worship services. On the occasion of our annual meeting following worship, Rev. Barnaby reflected on what kind of relationships among us might make that truth in … read more.

Finding Our Bearings

When we relocate, willingly or not, we often find ourselves freer to recenter our lives, whether we want to or not. Rev. Barnaby reflected on how our UU values can help us make good choices. Special testimonials from Laurie Borden on her family’s upcoming move … read more.

At the Margins

Rev. Barnaby reflected on who gets left out, kept out, and thrown out of our efforts to build Beloved Community, where that leaves them, and where that leaves us. We introduced our May donee, Sandy Hook Promise.

The Uses of Catastrophe

Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It celebrated the usefulness of adversity in reacquainting us with the uplifting lessons to be learned from Nature. But how do UU’s address a future where our home planet is increasingly likely to become horrifically hostile at times? Our choir … read more.

Earth News You Can Use

Rev. Barnaby discussed what recent information about the nature of our planet and the health of life on it should matter most to us as UU’s.

Getting Started When the End Is Near

Rev. Barnaby reflected on how part of the ending of the pandemic must be working together now on creating the better world we want to inherit. Ethan Spritzer played our piano and Francois Clemmons told us what CVUUS means to him as part of our … read more.