Speaker: Rev. Barnaby Feder

Barnaby Feder is the settled minister at CVUUS. Before becoming a minister Barnaby worked for twenty-seven years as a reporter for the New York Times. Barnaby’s wife, Michele Lowy, is an elementary school teacher. They have three children, two sons and a daughter.

More about Rev. Barnaby

Radically in Favor of Knowing

UU’s should welcome the upcoming launch into space of the James Webb telescope, which is designed to give humanity its deepest look by far into space and time. The leading edge of brain research amazes in a different realm. But no less a scientist than … read more.

Close Calls and Building Trust

We shared stories about how amazing it is that we are here so we can reflect more clearly on an essential building block for community: trust. Led by Rev. Barnaby. Our choir sang Lean on Me as our closing song. Watch a recording of it … read more.

Ingathering and Water Communion

Does CVUUS have an immune system to resisting COVID? How is it holding up? We brought water from our summer travels or favorite watering holes to fill our communal bowl and pour on our plants. We also installed our Board members. Entire service was outdoors … read more.

Judaism’s High Holy Days

The first step toward forgiveness is knowing whose lives you touch. Led by Rev. Barnaby. Special music by Middlebury Havurah’s Sarit Katzew. Began outside (first half), then finished inside (second half).  Children of all ages welcomed. Middlebury’s Havurah and Middlebury College families honored high holy … read more.

Something Wonderful — In the Beginning

Rev. Barnaby reflected on how the arts help us understand what it means to be staging a beginning. He will introduced us to Ronnie Romano, our new music director. Our recording started late and leads with Poppy Rees, our religious exploration director, addressing us about … read more.

Five Poems that Made My Day

Rev. Barnaby shared five poems, assisted by Becky Strum and Chris Murphy. Dr. Francois S. Clemmons sang Lift Every Voice and Sing. Links to recorded portions of this service to come at a later date.

Order of Service

Preservice & Prelude: Chuck Miller

Bell: Recognition of Abenaki Land   … read more.

Flower Communion

Flower Communion is a traditional Unitarian celebration of the way our unique identities weave together to form a beautiful community. This will be our first on site multi-access meeting.