Speaker: Rev. Barnaby Feder

Barnaby Feder is the settled minister at CVUUS. Before becoming a minister Barnaby worked for twenty-seven years as a reporter for the New York Times. Barnaby’s wife, Michele Lowy, is an elementary school teacher. They have three children, two sons and a daughter.

Art at Work

Using the art displayed in his office, Rev. Barnaby explores how the art we bring into our work spaces tells stories, keep us sane, and invites connection. Bring your stories of your favorite workplace art.

Spiritual Arts of Protest

Our Spirituality and the Arts summer worship series looked ahead to the 4th of July with a look at protest music and art as a reflection of where we find community… Our Fifth Sunday donee was TRUUsT (Transgender Religious UU professionals Together), which supports trans … read more.

Freedom of Worship for Atheists

Rev. Barnaby reflected on why atheists are sometimes called “the loyal opposition” to organized religion, and why so many CVUUS congregants are proud atheists who feel at home in our faith community.

Silas Conlon read The Salem Covenant of 1629 and Monty Python and the Holy … read more.

I Didn’t See That Coming

Evolution, one poet said, “stinks of extinction”, but it also shines with emergence. Rev. Barnaby argued that’s what makes science compatible with religion. Listen to his sermon:


Special testimonial by Mark Spritzer, Chairman of the Middlebury College Department of Biology:


Worship associate Karl Lindholm read … read more.