Speaker: Rev. Barnaby Feder

Barnaby Feder is the settled minister at CVUUS. Before becoming a minister Barnaby worked for twenty-seven years as a reporter for the New York Times. Barnaby’s wife, Michele Lowy, is an elementary school teacher. They have three children, two sons and a daughter.

Traveling Together

The Choir will repeat 9 of the anthems they sang from Sept to May. It is an uplifting and entirely musical service. Come listen to the choir, and think about, “where is my place in the choir?” Maybe as singer, maybe as listener, maybe as … read more.

Brilliant Ideas

Rev. Barnaby found scores of them from a range of “big thinkers” collected all in one science-oriented book. He’s interested in what you think was left out.  Followed by our Annual Meeting.

Bumblebee Congregations

Rev. Barnaby reflects on how CVUUS can fly when common wisdom says we can’t.  Please bring a flower for our communal bouquet! We will also welcome new members in this service.

Freedom of Worship for Atheists

Rev. Barnaby reflected on why atheists are sometimes called “the loyal opposition” to organized religion, and why so many CVUUS congregants are proud atheists who feel at home in our faith community.

Silas Conlon read The Salem Covenant of 1629 and Monty Python and the Holy … read more.

I Didn’t See That Coming

Evolution, one poet said, “stinks of extinction”, but it also shines with emergence. Rev. Barnaby argued that’s what makes science compatible with religion. Listen to his sermon:


Special testimonial by Mark Spritzer, Chairman of the Middlebury College Department of Biology:


Worship associate Karl Lindholm read … read more.

The Simple Truths of Stewardship

Becky Strum read Some Questions You Might Ask (about Congregational Stewardship) by Mary Oliver (adapted Rev. Barnaby Feder) and Neil Chippendale followed with a testimonial.


Rev. Barnaby offered his Care of What You Love But Don’t Own sermon.


Chuck Miller, Neil Chippendale, the CVUUS Choir, … read more.