Opening to a New Way

Opening to a New Way.  Change is hard. There’s way too much uncertainty in the world as it is — why should we invite in more? The answers have a lot to do with freedom, inspiration, and learning to grow, together.

During the service, we recognized the members of this year’s Board of Trustees, and shared the 2023-24 goals. Followed by our monthly Congregational Conversation. Led by Rev. Tricia.

Dr. Francois Scarborough Clemmons sang two Negro spirituals: There Is a Balm in Gilead, and We Are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

We shared our offering plate for a final time this Sunday with our Nov donee Gedakina which seeks to strengthen the cultural knowledge and identity of Native American women and their families from across New England. More at; and CVUUS efforts to honor indigenous peoples and hold Thanksgiving during Indigenous People’s month here.

Congregational Conversation: Meetings versus Gatherings (To Zoom or not to Zoom)  

We see Worship Team deciding to be zoom only. Is this the direction of the Board Meeting? Is there a difference between a “meeting” and a “gathering” that would dictate preferences? That could be worth discussing. While you lose the intimacy of face to face checking in, there is efficiency in and equality in either being all zoom or all face to face. So…to zoom or not to zoom. That is the question. And if you remain hybrid, how can you make that work better. Come after worship to explore this.

See worship details here: OOS Nov 26, 2023

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