What, Why and How God Is in Our Culture, Hearts and Minds

Rev. Christina Sillari continued in our pulpit and asked: God: What is God and why is God so prevalent in our culture? How does your mind and heart approach the notion of God? “Could anything actually exist in the universe, as science understands it, that is worthy of being called God?” by Nancy Ellen Abrams

We welcomed Tom Morgan as a new member and continued to share our offering plate with Hungarian Unitarian Church efforts to aid Ukrainian Refugees. 

Watch a recoding of the service here:

Order of Service

Bell: Land Acknowledgement  

Welcome & Pathways to Connection:  Becky Strum, Worship Associate

New Member Induction: Doug Richards, Marjorie Carsen, Becky Strum

Worship Associate (Becky):  We are so glad you are here with us and that you have chosen this community of fellow seekers to travel with you on your life journeys. Will you accept our gifts of fellowship, discovery, and service? Will you offer us your unique presence and all that your human presence brings including your gifts? Will you engage with us as we seek to create and build a local community and a world dedicated to love and justice?

Member (Tom Morgan): I will.

Worship Associate (Becky):  Congregation, will you welcome Tom with your warmth and comfort of your companion-ship?  Will you seek to add to your strengths and talents the gifts he brings?  Will you freely share and include Tom in our triumphs and our struggles, our joys and sorrows as our community grows and adapts to the world around us?

Congregation: We will. Tom, welcome. We are glad you are here with us.

Call to Worship: Rev. Christina Sillari

Chalice Lighting: Becky Strum & Tom Morgan        

May God—the mind that sees our faults,

the tears that sting our wounds,

the laugh that soothes our aches,

and the love that redeems us all—be

illuminated by the light we kindle in this house of faith.

Hymn      Come Thou Font of Every Blessing (Gray #126)   CVUUS Choir

Time for All Ages:  Poppy Rees, Dir. of Religious Exploration

Offering:  For most of May, we’ll share our collection with Hungarian Unitarian Church Ukrainian Relief Efforts referred to us by Neil Chippendale.  Please write all checks to CVUUS. All cash and checks not otherwise specified will be split between CVUUS and our donee. You can give online at https://cvuus.breezechms.com/give/online.  You can also contribute directly to this UUA-supported project online here.

Offering Music: Ronnie Romano

Receiving the Offering:   From You I Receive (Gray #402)

Milestones & Passages: Becky Strum

Meditation:  Rev. Christina Sillari

Hymn: Find a Stillness (#352)  CVUUS Choir

Reading:  What God Means to Me   Becky Strum

Sermon:  God    Rev. Christina Sillari

Music Interlude:   Ronnie Romano

Closing Words:  Rev. Christina Sillari

Postlude Anthem:  Hand in Hand  by Rollo Dilworth    CVUUS Choir

Credits: Thanks to Becky Strum for assisting Christina Sillari in leading worship; Margy and Jordan Young, and Richard Hopkins for technical support; our Flower Co-op for seasonal arrangements; Mike Greenwood and Alan Moore for overseeing safety, sound, and social hour and Avi Freund, Helene Vanderburgh and others who helped set up, usher, and greet.

Thank you for joining us for worship!