Speaker: Rev. Christina Sillari

Christina Sillari has been the minister of First Parish in Portland since 2010. She is the visiting minister at CVUUS during October, 2019.

Originally from Somerville, Massachusetts, she is from a working-class family of Greek Orthodox and Catholic Heritage. She rejected those faith-based traditions as a teenager, and sought meaning in mysticism and dance, and became a practicing Buddhist, embracing the ways of Eastern Philosophy. She became a Unitarian Universalist in her mid-20s after feeling empowered by a sermon given by a female UU minister in Boston. She values UU’s willingness to let individuals define their own brand of faith. And that open-mindedness drew her to our congregation.

In addition to her Masters in Divinity, Christina has her Masters in Psychology with a focus on yoga and mind/body health. Prior to becoming a minister, she worked as a therapist, yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and group leader. After choosing her path as a UU minister, she was an integral member of the ministerial teams at UU churches in Newburyport and Arlington, MA.

Christina is a strong and supportive minister with varied experience, knowledge and belief that deeply benefits the First Parish Congregation. She is passionate about work in justice, compassion and understanding within the local, denominational and world communities. In addition to her insightful sermons and spiritual teachings, she provides perspective, support and growth to the church, its members and visitors.


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Beloved Community

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A Bird’s Eye View–Our Second Principle

How do justice, equity and compassion intersect for us as UUs? Guest minister Rev. Christina Sillari explored this.


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