Something Wonderful — In the Beginning

Rev. Barnaby reflected on how the arts help us understand what it means to be staging a beginning. He will introduced us to Ronnie Romano, our new music director. Our recording started late and leads with Poppy Rees, our religious exploration director, addressing us about her beginning back in the sanctuary delivering Time for All Ages for first time in 530 days and how she is reminded that she is not alone. We re-recorded Ronnie’s introduction, which you can view from a link we’ll provide soon.

Masking Policy Due to Delta

Inside – masked AND distanced if with other people. Outside – masked OR distanced if with other people. Exception: speakers and singers at designated microphones will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask, but not required, while using the mic. Singing by the congregation will be postponed for the current time.

Order of Service

Prelude: Ronnie Romano, Dir. of Music

Bell: Recognition of Land   Rev. Barnaby Feder

Welcome & Pathways to Connection: Abi Sessions, worship associate

Call to Worship & Chalice Lighting:  Abi Sessions

Music Director Introduction: Rev. Barnaby

Music: Aragonaise (from the ballet Le Cid) by Jules Massenet. Pianist: Ronnie Romano

Time for All Ages: Poppy Rees, Dir. of Religious Exploration

Offering: Today’s offering will be shared with our summer donee RIP Medical Debt. Contributions can be made at Rev. Barnaby

Milestones & Passages: Rev. Barnaby. Future ones can be shared at

Prayer & Meditation

Readings: Abi Sessions

Beginning of the Gospel of John

Beginning of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Sermon: Rev. Barnaby

Music: Ronnie Romano

Benediction & Extinguishing the Chalice:  Rev. Barnaby

Postlude: Ronnie Romano

Credits:  Thanks to Abi Sessions as worship associate, Ronnie Romano for sharing about himself, Poppy Rees for pitching in wherever needed, Margy Young for technical support, Alice Berninghausen for flowers, and Jordan Young for hosting zoom.

Thank you for joining us for worship!