Home Cooking

There’s more than meets the plate. Michele Lowy led us.

Michele read Dumping Soup by Jama Kim Rattigan as our Time for All Ages.

Addison Allies Network founder Veronica Ciambra told us about the conditions for migrant farmworkers and how they are helping them and how you can also. They are our July donee.

Caitie Raishart shared gratitude for being a peanut-free environment.

Becky Strum read Of cookery and the parts thereof by Gervase Markham and Why cook? by Nigel Slater.

Michele shared on “Home Cooking”

and a favorite recipe!

This is the recipe as it was given to me by my mother.  The quantities in parentheses are for doubling the amount, because as you can see the math is tricky!” Michele Lowy

Baba’s Macaroons

Ground almonds or hazelnuts    2 cups (4)

sugar  1 cup (2)

egg white   1 (2)

lemon juice  a little

350° on brown paper.  To loosen put the brown paper over a wet dish towel.