Campaign Report – May 2017

CVUUS has had a great campaign.  We have focused on Building More Love and on getting as many people involved as possible, with the idea that if we did that right, generous gifts would follow.

And generous gifts did follow, in many forms: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  The May 2017 Campaign Report is here.

Next Steps for the Ground Floor

Since the Annual Meeting in June, when we voted to proceed with next steps of the Ground Floor completion project, the CVUUS Ground Floor Teams have been busy working with our architects and others in the congregation on the designs for the wonderful space. Since we have not reached our project goal of $850,000, we had some choices to make. We’ve worked on the whole project, but parts that have received special attention include the kitchen, bathrooms, heating and air conditioning options, electrical service needs, windows, and how to best work with a general contractor for the project.  All this work has pushed back our schedule a bit.  It now looks something like this:

◦ September 1st: Issue Request for Proposals (RFP) for construction management services; 50% Construction Documents due

◦ September 21st: Responses Due from Construction Manager candidates.

◦ October 1st: Interviews and Selection of Construction Manager (CM) complete

◦ November 1st: CM and subcontractor prices and estimates due

◦ November 1st to mid-January: Prepare summary documents for the congregation with designs,

budgets, and options for congregation discussions and approval.  We expect to have more detailed and precise information on what we can purchase for the $672,000 we have raised so far and what any   additional pieces of the project would cost.

◦ Mid-January to end of February: any additional fundraising the congregation decides it wants to do.

◦ April 2018 – proposed construction start date

We have been working through different designs for the kitchen space, with the latest shown here. CVUUS_Enlarged Kitchen Plan

The Building More Love Team (see below) has had an amazing experience being a part of this Campaign.  Yes, it’s been a lot of work, but our experience together and with the rest of the congregation has been very special.  We have been inspired along the way by all the ways we (all of us in the congregation) BUILD MORE LOVE, right here, right now!  And we are truly excited about the new and expanded ways we will be able to Build More Love into the future and into the wider community with the completed Ground Floor.

 “I see CVUUS as an incubator of love and hope, as a safe haven in which to envision and build the stepping stones to a more loving and peaceful world…” 

Read more of Barbara Drapelick’s testimonial.


Campaign Brochure (PDF)

The Team

The Capital Campaign Team currently includes Steve Maier, Barbara Drapelick, Ellen Flight, Kate Gridley, Connie Leach, Ted Scheu and Brett Millier, with assistance from Rev. Barnaby. Email your comments anytime to



Several recent conversations have led me to realize that an update on the Ground Floor Project is overdue.  Work has been increasing in several areas since September, as summarized below.  Please feel free to contact me ( or 802-238-6699) or other members of our CVUUS team (see below) if you have any questions.

Design and Construction Management Services – In September and October, with the help of our architects, gbA from Montpelier, we issued a request for proposals for construction management services, reviewed proposals, interviewed finalists, and selected Russell Construction from Rutland.  Since that time, we have been working together to refine designs, identify options, and estimate costs.  This work will continue at least into January.  We will schedule a congregational meeting once this information comes together, probably some time in February or March.  We expect we will not be able to afford everything we want, so there will be some choices to make, including whether to conduct any additional fundraising.  Once we make these decisions, gbA will finalize the designs and construction drawings and Russell will schedule and bid out the work, which may start in late spring or summer.

Building More Love Capital Campaign Pledges – While we still finalizing the full extent things, we know there will be a Ground Floor project in 2018.  So, we have started collecting capital campaign pledges.  Thank you to those who have started automatic withdrawals, made first-year pledge gifts, or donated their entire pledge.  If you have not done so already, please consider making campaign donations before the end of the year.  Everyone who made a Capital Campaign pledge should have received by now a confirmation letter and/or email from CVUUS Bookkeeper Heather Seeley with the details of your pledge.  Please let Steve Maier or Heather ( know if you have any questions.