Ground Floor Project Update

February 2018

We had a successful congregational meeting and discussion after services on February 18th.  Materials presented and discussed at that meeting include:

Process Summary to Date:

  • June 2015 congregational vote to proceed with project and capital campaign – $880,000
  • Winter/ Spring 2016 – decision to delay capital campaign and conduct 2-year canvass for operating budget
  • Winter/ Spring 2017 – capital campaign resulted in $672,000 in pledges; so far, about half of the pledge gifts have been made and gratefully received
  • Summer/ Fall 2017 – proceeded to full architectural drawings and hired construction management company
  • Fall 2017/ Winter 2018 – detailed cost estimates, including with sub-contractor bidding

Current Projected Costs and Revenues:

Total Base Project Costs                               $890,000  (click for breakdown)

Bequests Received                                       ($46,000)

Capital Campaign Pledges                          ($672,000)


Balance Remaining                                       $172,000


  • Move forward with Base Project (click for more details)
  • Continue work with gbA, engineers, Russell and Subs to explore less expensive options to achieve same/ similar ends (value engineering) – cost reduction goal of 5-10% or $45-90,000
  • Convene kitchen team to explore less expensive (including used) equipment, counters, cabinets, etc.
  • Prepare for additional fundraising to begin in May or June after canvass for annual operating budget (March – April)
    • Goal to be determined after work above
    • Decide at that time whether to include kitchen items
  • Construction start projected for September