What Do YOU Love about CVUUS?!

Help us Build More Love by sending your LOVE thoughts to groundfloor@cvuus.org.  How might the finished Ground Floor help with your dreams for CVUUS?  Add your voices to those we captured last year in this youtube video:


“I see CVUUS as an incubator of love and hope, as a safe haven in which to envision and build the stepping stones to a more loving and peaceful world…” 

Read more of Barbara Drapelick’s testimonial.


Campaign Brochure (PDF)

Please Read the Campaign Team’s Letter to the Congregation.

The Team

The Capital Campaign Team currently includes Steve Maier, Barbara Drapelick, Ellen Flight, Kate Gridley, Connie Leach, Ted Scheu and Brett Millier, with assistance from Rev. Barnaby. Email your comments anytime to groundfloor@cvuus.org


To recap/ update how we have gotten here, we have:

  • built CVUUS Sanctuary with unfinished basement/ ground floor, some rough plans and work to support finished fellowship hall, kitchen, library, and related spaces – 2007 – 2009
  • conducted congregational brainstorming and discussion on the Ground Floor – fall 2014
  • convened Ground Floor Design Team, produced architectural designs, and facilitated additional discussion – spring 2015
  • presented proposal and congregation voted to proceed with project and related capital campaign – June 2015
  • discussed the project and congregational readiness with 25 selected individuals and couples, and produced feasibility/ readiness report – fall 2015
  • conducted an every-member/friend, face-to-face canvass for 2 years of operating budgets (2016-2018) and agreed to level-fund the operating budget for the second year – spring 2016
  • reconvened the Ground Floor design team to consider other less expensive options for completing the Ground Floor and to provide more and better information to the congregation – ongoing

The Capital Campaign Team currently includes Steve Maier, Barbara Drapelick, Ellen Flight, Kate Gridley, Connie Leach, Ted Scheu and Brett Millier, with assistance from Rev. Barnaby.  There will be many opportunities for people to get involved with the project and the related capital campaign as it plays out over the course of this year, so please let any of us know if you are interested in helping.

On January 15, 2017, about 30 of us met after the Sunday service to contemplate and share thoughts about what money is in the context of a spiritual organization. 

Part I:  Capital Campaign/Ground Level Update – “Building More Love”

Barbara Drapelick and Steve Maier gave a timeline and brief overview of the process.  Consultants interviewed 20 giving units on their thoughts about the Ground Level project.  They reported that raising $750,000-$850,000 is feasible.  The project will depend on the amount raised.  There will be many more opportunities for further design ideas in the future.  Connie Leach reported on an initiative to approach the larger community – businesses, groups, schools, Front Porch Forum, etc. about what this space might provide.

Part II:  What is the “Good News” about money at CVUUS?

General themes and questions that were brought up and discussed:

  • What do people at CVUUS have to offer (including resources beyond money)
  • By giving we support good works
  • Quality of life rather than quantity of riches
  • Relation to Classism Conversations – what do we talk about when together?
  • UU Children are witness to our generosity
  • Be proud of what we CAN give
  • Offer new lenses to those around us – more inclusivity
  • Become aware to “hidden” costs and educate on possible resources
  • Let our principles and values guide us through the whole capital campaign process (as well as all projects)
  • Recognize our “gifts” come in many forms – including our presence, our joy
  • Challenge our assumptions
  • Be aware of how our communications handle money – keep it faith/principles based – example: during Sunday Services
  • One of our true gifts is our generosity.