Campaign Report – May 2017

CVUUS has had a great campaign.  We have focused on Building More Love and on getting as many people involved as possible, with the idea that if we did that right, generous gifts would follow.

And generous gifts did follow, in many forms: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  The May 2017 Campaign Report is here.

Next Steps for the Ground Floor

  • We will discuss the Campaign results at the Annual Meeting on June 4th and there will be a vote at that time on moving forward to the next phases of the project
  • Since we have not reached our project goal of $850,000, we will have some choices to make, probably in the fall.
  • The Design Team, architects, the Capital Campaign Team and others will work between now and next fall to refine the budget, examine options for which project elements might be done at a later time, explore possibilities for additional fundraising, and then again discuss with the congregation how we would like to move forward.

The Building More Love Team (see below) has had an amazing experience being a part of this Campaign.  Yes, it’s been a lot of work, but our experience together and with the rest of the congregation has been very special.  We have been inspired along the way by all the ways we (all of us in the congregation) BUILD MORE LOVE, right here, right now!  And we are truly excited about the new and expanded ways we will be able to Build More Love into the future and into the wider community with the completed Ground Floor.

“I see CVUUS as an incubator of love and hope, as a safe haven in which to envision and build the stepping stones to a more loving and peaceful world…” 

Read more of Barbara Drapelick’s testimonial.


Campaign Brochure (PDF)

The Team

The Capital Campaign Team currently includes Steve Maier, Barbara Drapelick, Ellen Flight, Kate Gridley, Connie Leach, Ted Scheu and Brett Millier, with assistance from Rev. Barnaby. Email your comments anytime to