Topic: Nurturing Community

”Savages”: A Thanksgiving Reflection

Rev. Barnaby looked back on this year’s Thanksgiving with a reflection inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s ironic use of this insult in his largely forgotten essay on Native American civility, which he saw as exemplary and deeply rooted in healthy communal relationships. Watch a recording of … read more.

Beloved Community

Rev. Christina Sillari returns to our pulpit as guest worship leader. She and Rev. Barnaby exchanged pulpits in Fall 2019. “Beloved community is formed not by the eradication of difference but by its affirmation, by each of us claiming the identities and cultural legacies that … read more.


Rev. Barnaby led us on a “Nature walk” looking for species of heroism we often don’t notice, with readings from our Hymnal as his guidebook. We collected for Honor the Earth as Share the Plate donee for Nov. Coffee hour followed in Fellowship Hall. View … read more.

All Souls’ Eve: Remembering Our Ancestors

In celebration of All Souls’ Eve, we shared stories of relatives who had a significant impact on our lives. Led by Karl Lindholm. Watch a recording here.

Order of Service

Entire service indoors (please mask AND distance).

Bell: Land Acknowledgement

Prelude Music: Great Pumpkin Waltz   Ronnie … read more.

Radically in Favor of Knowing

UU’s should welcome the upcoming launch into space of the James Webb telescope, which is designed to give humanity its deepest look by far into space and time. The leading edge of brain research amazes in a different realm. But no less a scientist than … read more.

Close Calls and Building Trust

We shared stories about how amazing it is that we are here so we can reflect more clearly on an essential building block for community: trust. Led by Rev. Barnaby. Our choir sang Lean on Me as our closing song. Watch a recording of it … read more.

Spiritual Calling to Mongolia

Guest speaker Sas Carey of Nomadicare joined us. We collected for UUA Disaster Relief Fund. Sas’s film Transition was shown on Sat, Oct 2, the day before she led the service for us, as part of Middlebury College’s Hirschfield International Film Series.  Watch the recording … read more.