Speaker: Minister Emerita Johanna Nichols

Earth Day Service

IN OUR SANCTUARY & ON ZOOM. Led by Rev. Johanna Nichols with Steve Maier in place of Melody Brook of Atowi Group of Abenaki artists & activists who had COVID and hopes to be with us at a later time. We donated to Living Lands … read more.

Easter: Make of Yourself a Light

With Rev. Johanna Nichols, CVUUS Minister Emerita, now active in Montpelier where she lives, along with our Choir and special musical guests Jonathan March on drums and Bess Gramling on alto sax and clarinet. Watch a recording of it here:

Order of Service

Bell: Land Acknowledgement 

Welcome and … read more.

Trusting Emergence: Recalculating

Aging and retirement converge in a geography of life with few landmarks. To navigate through this new stage of life, we need some sense of direction. Where do we begin?

Listen to Rev Johanna Nichols” sermon Trusting Emergence: Recalculating


Poppy Rees, Dir of Religious Exploration … read more.