What Can Save Us Now?

In the introduction to a 2006 book of poems by Rebecca Ann Parker, Robert Hardie wrote: “There are times in our lives when it feels like things are falling apart. When loss strips our days of joy. When death robs us of someone we love, or violence shatters our sense of security. When war, genocide, and injustice lead us to the brink of despair.” We reflected on one of the poems in the book that Nick Page later put to music. Our choir shared this powerful music with us. The poem and choral music for Choose to Bless the World are a response to the question: What Can Save Us Now? Led by Rev. Johanna Nichols with Liam Battjes Greenwood. We shared our offering with Atria Collective (formerly WomenSafe).

Welcome, Rev. Johanna Nichols, Minister Emerita of CVUUS.  Johanna was our minister during the first decade of the 21st century and was helpful in nurturing this congregation into our present facilities. You may notice an oil painting downstairs done by Kate Gridley to honor her loving and inspiring leadership.

See worship details here: OOS 3.24.24

Read her sermon here: What Can Save Us Now Sermon by Rev. Johanna Nichols 3.24.24

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