Palestinian Support Options from Middlebury SURJ

Join our weekly Ceasefire Honk & Wave, every Thursday. Now, more than ever, we need to stand up against the brutality and famine being imposed on the people of Gaza. Contribute to the Gaza Mutual Aid Network, which supports displaced Gazans currently living in Egypt. Funds are used for food, clothing, and medical care. Venmo: @nassim-touil Here … Continue reading Palestinian Support Options from Middlebury SURJ

Honoring Indigenous People

Abenaki Heritage Weekend: Maritime Museum in Vergennes every June The Vermont Abenaki Artists Association sponsored the annual Abenaki Heritage Weekend June 29-30 at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum on June 29-30 .  It was a vibrant celebration of Abenaki art, culture, and heritage and happens. Tom and Patrick Lamphere Blackhand, Abenaki artist of the Missisquoi people Visitors … Continue reading Honoring Indigenous People

Affordable Housing for Addison County Conversation

YOU CAN HELP EASE THE HOUSING CRISIS  Spread the word among your friends, family and neighbors in Addison County. Housing advocates say that only about 1,000 people in Addison County know about these resources.  1) HomeShare Vermont  (   2)  Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)  Basic Info (  Addison County Guide (  3) Homes First (Tiny Homes)  (

Middlebury’s Community Living Room: GATHER

A PROJECT OF THE BREAD LOAF MOUNTAIN ZEN COMMUNITY What’s Gather, you ask?  Gather is a comfortable, welcoming, and free-of-charge gathering place that serves the neighborhood. Gather is a comfort zone for everyone, but especially those who deal with isolation, loneliness, or who could just use a listening friend. It is a hub of healing community. At Gather, … Continue reading Middlebury’s Community Living Room: GATHER

Charter House Coalition

From Tom Morgan: Depending on the day, Vermont has the 2nd or 3rd highest rate of homelessness per capita in the United States.  Our rate has increased over 150% since 2020. There are systematic, intersectional reasons that people become homeless. Socio-economic oppressions, disparity, and impoverishment Substance use and lack of adequate recovery support Mental illness … Continue reading Charter House Coalition

CVUUS Climate Engagement: Opportunities Abound

Mission: Supporting and amplifying climate action “We need teams of people to catalyze the 100’s of decisions that individuals need to make over the next decade to change behaviors, change their home heating, and purchase transportation.” Steve Maier CVUUS Carbon Footprint CVUUS is measuring & tracking this. Our Facilities Team with support from the Climate … Continue reading CVUUS Climate Engagement: Opportunities Abound

Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

In response to deportations of Addison County farm workers and separation of families, many UUs seek to help. With farmers, migrants and volunteers in our community, CVUUS continues to explore where help is needed and is home to our migrant neighbors. We work with and through other groups toward meeting migrants’ language, legal, banking, shopping, transportation, health … Continue reading Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

Proposed “8th” UU Principle: Dismantling Systemic Racism

Learn about UU efforts to dismantle systemic racism. CVUUS Race in America Book Group led by Jean Terwilliger and Mike Greenwood discussed ROUGH SLEEPERS by Tracy Kidder about healing the homeless and is working with other local faith groups to expand affordable housing in Addison County. CVUUS participates in LGBTQIA+ advancement & Pride rallies.