Homelessness Support Abounds!

Some of Our Neighbors Could Use Your Help

While most of us do not notice them, over 100 of our fellow citizens have been living in tents, cars, under bridges, and under decks this past summer.  As the colder weather approaches, just getting by each day … read more.

Global Climate Strike Efforts Continue

No doubt you’re probably aware of the youth climate strikes that have been happening across the world in the last year. The strikes have been inspired in part by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and led by a whole network of young organizers. The biggest youth strike … read more.

White Privilege Discussions Continue

DiDi Delgado of Black Lives Matter visited Middlebury this fall to offer an anti-racism workshop and speak at CVUUS worship on Sept 29.

How to Be an Anti-Racist: Would you like to better understand racism, privilege, and anti-racism?  Consider joining  a group dedicated to reading and … read more.

CVUUS Goes Solar!

On August 14 the CVUUS Board voted to invest in Acorn Energy Coop’s AES2 community solar project, whose 612 photovoltaic panels will feed 150 kilowatts peak power into the electric grid. If all goes as planned, AES2 should start producing power this fall.

Migrant Farmworker Support in Addison County

Want to help migrant farmworkers practice English? Come to ESL Training with longtime ESL master teacher Rebecca Holmes on Sun Oct 20 2-4 pm in Fenn Chapel.

In response to recent deportations of Addison County farm workers and separation of families, many seek to help. We continue … read more.

Community Meal Prep Appreciated

CVUUS hosts community lunch at the Charter House.  Consider joining the Charter House community lunch team for CVUUS! Your involvement can be what works best for you. Maybe be on a call list for preparing a dish occasionally, or making sandwiches on site for the … read more.

Can We Talk about Guns?

Sunday, Dec 16, Remembering Victims of Gun Violence, 11:30 pm—Communities all across the country will be holding memorials this month because December 14th is the 6th anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy. This year we will light candles for them and others, and say the … read more.

#Metoo movement addressed

The #Metoo movement has been so powerful and has helped many survivors to find their voice, as shared in recent worship services and events.  This also comes with a need for support, both for survivors speaking, and for those supporting and listening. WomenSafe is here … read more.