We’re All in this Together

The Choir repeated 7 of the anthems they sang from Sept to May. It was an uplifting and entirely musical service. We got to think about, “where is my place in the choir??” Maybe as singer, maybe as listener, maybe as strong supporter. Read or listen to Choir Director Lucy Tenebaum’s sermon: lucy’s sermon 6.17.18 … Continued

Are We There Yet?

The question we’ve all asked as children and all heard from children as adults is a good one to ask today. It was our last Sunday of a church year devoted to exploring what it means to be on a journey toward radical love. Listen to Rev. Barnaby’s reflection: Poppy Rees, Dir of Religious Exploration … Continued

A Conversation with Flowers

Humans use flowers to communicate and, in poem and story, we have spoken to flowers since our ancestors lived in caves. Rev. Barnaby introduced this year’s Flower Communion with some musing about what flowers have to tell us about love. This was a multigenerational service followed by our Annual Meeting. We enjoyed some special music … Continued