The Stories We Tell

Is it a love story? Guest speaker Kate Braestrup, a community minister, law enforcement chaplain, and well known author shared how to be in these times. She also spoke at 7 pm in our sanctuary. The author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Here If You Need Me, Marriage and Other Acts of Charity, … Continued

Old Time Buddhist Gospel

Due to the stormy conditions our guest speaker Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne was not be able to make the trip from Maine for this Sunday. And because of the extremely low temperatures expected following the storm Sunday’s service was cancelled. He shared these readings: Reading one Zen Master Dogen from Moon in a Dewdrop, edited … Continued


Living with Dementia

Guest worship speakers Rev. Jane Dwinell & Sky Yardley joined us. They live in Burlington, VT with their son, Sayer, and his partner, Emma, in their own idea of co-housing. As a family, they enjoy playing interesting board games, gardening, spending time in and on the lake, and playing disc golf. Jane is a retired UU … Continued