CVUUS will open its doors Sat. June 2, 10 am – 2 pm to the community for Rhubarb Festival 2018. The festival planners count on the many contributions of our members and friends to create this event.

Pies: These are always the hallmark of the Festival, and will be front and center again this year.  We need a lead to recruit pie makers and bakers and organize “pie bees” over two evenings at Fenn House. Rhubarb pies will be priced at $18 and strawberry rhubarb at $20.

You could prepare several pies in advance with directions like these: The festival planners sell, on average, about 100 pies.

Lunch: Julie and Neil Chippendale, along Youth Group and others , will run a Café featuring sandwich and salad, drink, and dessert for $10 per person.  The café opens at 10:30 AM.

Books: Last year we focused collection on children’s books. This year, we will be selling select children’s and adult used books. We are particularly seeking donations of books on spirituality, nature, the environment, justice issues, natural health, history, gardening, biography, mystery, poetry, recent notable novels, art, and illustrated children’s books. Please place your donations in the “Book Sale” box in the foyer. Due to the    limited space available in the sanctuary, we will not be accepting any reference books, computer guides,   psychology, self help, business, magazines, romance novels, Reader’s Digest, Disney, music books, DVDs, nor any books in poor condition. Hardcover and oversized books will be priced at $2 and paperbacks at $1 each. We are seeking a couple of people to help sort the books on the prior three Sunday afternoons. To    volunteer to sort or if you have a question about suitable books, please contact Elizabeth at 802-598-2388 or  Thank you!

Bling:  The “Bling Sisters” (Pat Schmitter, Mary Ann Deverell, and Linda Shubert) will again be collecting and selling jewelry, scarves and ties.

Sweets and savories, plants for your garden, and live music and activities for children have been features of past festivals and will likely happen again.

No entry fee. Profits support a local charity. Rhubarb Festival 2016 raised about $3000 for HOPE. RF 2017 raised $600 for our Youth Group and $1500 for HOPE.

Please consider helping to prepare for our next Rhubarb Festival.  Contact Mary Hadley ( or (802)377-2270). We need people to organize the 1) pie leader, 2) sweets and savories sales table, 3) sort books for the used book sale, 4) organize a handmade item raffle, such as a quilt, 5) collect rhubarb donations, and 6) lead a newly created activity (your choice!). You need attend only 2-3 meetings over the year.

Enjoy the people, the food, the fun, and help raise funds for a local social service group and for CVUUS. It’s a great way to celebrate our community and the season of Spring!