On Sat, June 3, 10 am to 2 pm, CVUUS opened its doors to the community to attend Rhubarb Festival 2017. While our RF focus was smaller this year (while we concentrated on Building More Love with the Ground Floor Project), we still had many of the items that make the Rhubarb Festival a memorable and enjoyable event.  The festival planners counted on the many contributions of our members and friends to create this event.

Pies: These are always the hallmark of the Festival, and were front and center again this year.  Johanna Nichols recruited pie makers and bakers and organized “pie bees” the evenings of June 1 and 2 at Fenn House. Rhubarb pies were priced at $15 and strawberry rhubarb at $18.

You could prepare several pies in advance with directions like these:   http://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2010/12/09/freeze-the-fastest-way-to-fresh-baked-fruit-pie/. The festival planners sold 100 pies in 2016.

Lunch: Our Youth Group, assisted by Julie and Neil Chippendale, ran the Café which featured sandwich or salad, drink, and dessert for $5 per person.  The café opened at 10:30. No tickets required.

Also available were sweets and savories, beautiful bling for your jewelry box, plants for your garden, and gently used books for the children in your life.   Live music and kids’ face painting, all day. No entry fee. Profits supported a local charity. Rhubarb_Festival_Poster_2017

Rhubarb Festival 2016 raised about $3000 for HOPE. RF 2017 raised $600 for our Youth Group and $1500 for HOPE.

Rhubarb Festival 2018: Please consider helping to prepare for a future Rhubarb Festival.  Contact Mary Hadley (hadleyme@juno.com).

– held on the Saturday following Memorial Day, raises funds for a local non-profit and CVUUS while celebrating spring and providing fellowship, and needs people to organize 1) Sweets and Savories sales table, 2) used book sale, 3) handmade item raffle, such as a quilt, 4) collecting rhubarb donations, and 5) lead a newly created activity (your choice!)

– two or three meetings over the year

Enjoy the people, the food, the fun, and help raise funds for a local social service group and for CVUUS. It’s a great way to celebrate our community and the season of Spring!