Speaker: Piper Harrell

Coming of Age Service: I am. We are.

Piper Harrell led our seventh and eighth grade Coming of Age (COA) group in sharing their reflections of the past year. They included: Asa Baker-Rouse, B Porter, Baxter Harrington, Danny Goldsmith, Joyce Ross, Linni Goldsmith, Milo Rees, Simone Duquette-Hoffman, Sophie Mason, Layne Chant, and Naomi … read more.

Radical Love: A Conversation

Steve Maier and Piper Harrell led the congregation in reflections and conversation around what Radical Love means to us in all parts of our lives. Reflecting on their Spring conference on Faith and Revolutionary Love, they ask. What does it mean to stay vulnerable while … read more.

Social Justice Sunday: Let’s Get Radical

The UU College of Social Justice states that to be engaged in the UU principles means “We believe that genuine social transformation is brought about when individuals and groups are willing to be changed, even as they strive to change the world.” As we look … read more.

“Few are guilty, but all are responsible”

So said Rabbi Abraham Heschel. In this service before the elections, Piper Harrell and other participants in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Ally Group led us through a meditation on the intersection of spirituality and social justice. By asking ourselves the hard questions of what … read more.